Session C1

This session will teach the initial skills required to play Ultimate – catching and backhand throws – plus the basic rules of play.

Preparation: Use cones to set up one field for every eight participants (15m wide, 25m long goal-to-goal, plus 5m long endzones). These fields can also be used as playing areas for activities.


  • Introduce yourself – your name, where you play ultimate and how long you’ve played for
  • Outline any safety considerations for the session



  • Explain and demonstrate the clap catch
  • Explain and demonstrate the backhand throw
  • Give participants 2-3 minutes to throw with a partner. Use the GSWAP sheet to help identify and correct common errors


Extra Activity (for longer sessions)

Rules Chat

Outline the basic rules of Ultimate

  • Objective: Have a player catch the disc in the endzone
  • Area: Endzones and boundary lines
  • Functions: Move the disc by throwing to teammates. Cannot run with the disc, but allowed to take extra steps to slow down and stop. Disc hitting the ground swaps possession.
  • Safety: Ultimate is non-contact. The disc counts as part of the player holding it. Defenders must yield to avoid collisions.
  • There are no officials. Players are responsible for upholding the rules of the game.

Play Ultimate!

  • Keep teams small – no more than four per side on the field
  • Don’t explain tactics, just get everyone moving!
  • Make an effort to ensure everyone is involved
  • Use the CHANGE IT sheet to make adjustments if needed

Finish up

  • Ask participants to return all cones and discs
  • Revise what was learned during the session – catching and the backhand throw
  • Thank them for playing!