Keep Away


  • Two teams of equal size
  • Four cones marking a playing area. Allow for 4-6m² per player


  • Keep possession of the disc as a team


  • Show the participants the boundaries of the playing area


  • Teams score by completing 3 consecutive passes within their team
  • Defenders can block or intercept the frisbee to gain possession. If the disc is dropped, or a throw hits the ground, the nearest defending player gets to pick it up and start a new possession
  • Throwers can not run with the disc and have 10 seconds to make a pass



  • Coaching: participants new to sport may not understand 1-on-1 defending and will need it explained to them
  • How to score or win: change the number of passes required to score a point
  • Area: increase or decrease the playing area to adjust the difficulty
  • Number of participants: Try and limit the number of participants to 10. If you have more, set up and start a second game
  • Inclusion: change scoring to have everyone on the team completing a pass each to score a point