Frisbee Tennis


  • Teams of 2-4 players each
  • Eight cones to set up an area each for two team, separated by a no-go area in between. Recommend each area being 5m long, with a width of 1.5m per player on each team, and a 2-3m long no-go area
  • One disc for every two teams


  • Score by throwing the disc into the opposing team’s area without them catching it


  • Show participants their team’s area and the no-go zone


  • The frisbee is thrown across the no-go area. The opposing team must catch it and send it back
  • Teams can pass it among themselves up to 3 times before throwing back to the other team
  • Players must catch the frisbee on the full
  • If the frisbee lands in the catching team’s area without being caught, the throwing team gets a point
  • If the frisbee lands anywhere out of bounds, the catching team gets a point



  • Coaching: use this game to encourage communication – eg: calling for catches, coming up with a strategy
  • Equipment: if you can, set up a “net” in the no-go area to throw over – eg: use two chairs and link together sashes
  • Inclusion: have players rotate positions each point