Albert Park League

Albert Park League has been running for over 20 years in the heart of Melbourne. The league runs weekly on Monday evenings at the southern end of Albert Park.

Season 3 2023 fixtures and results

Season 1 2024 team registration now open


Season Dates: Monday January 15th to Monday April 15th (10 rounds plus finals). Monday November 6th. No games on Monday March 11th (Labour Day public holiday), Monday March 25th (park shutdown for F1 Grand Prix) and Monday April 4th (Easter Monday public holiday).

Season Price: $1,210 per team (inc GST)

BSB: 033 072
Account: 259 688
Ref: APL S1 [team name]

UV has applied a small price rise to APL for 2024. This is the first change in registration cost on a per-week basis in over three years. UV has absorbed rises in AFDA event-based fees and Parks Victoria field costs since 2020, and this price adjustment is to cover some of those changes during that time. The rise amounts to $6 per team per week.


Please familiarise yourself with APL Competition Rules and APL Team Registration Rules prior to registering your team.


The Albert Park League Committee has approved the adoption of new gender ratio rules for 2024. WFDF Ratio Rule A (commonly known as “A.B.B.A.”) has been adopted for all divisions.

The “prescribed pull” rule will apply to Division 1 only in Season 1. The rule will be introduced for other divisions in Season 2. UV will put on workshops at APL during Season 1 for players keen to learn and practice the skill.

Please see the APL Competition Rules link above.


Promotion and relegation from Season 3, 2023, will be determined by APL Team Registration rules

New teams entering APL consisting of mostly inexperienced players will be automatically placed in the lowest division.


Players aged under 18 at the time of registration will be prompted to print out and complete a Junior Participation Consent Form.

Three players from their team must be nominated as responsible team members who will supervise the junior player’s safety during games. This is to cover for absences and/or week-to-week unavailability of a single nominated team member. All nominated responsible team members must hold a valid Victoria Working With Children Check unless they are the junior player’s parent or guardian.

The form can be scanned and emailed to or handed to an APL or UV staff member before the junior player’s first game.


Tuesday December 5th, 2023: Season 1 team registration opens.

Friday January 5th, 2024: Team registration closes. All teams must have a minimum of 5 male-matching and 5 female-matching players registered to be accepted for Season 1, however UV recommends at least 7 of each to account for week-to-week absences and unavailability throughout the season.

Monday January 8th, 2023: Division allocations released and Round 1 fixture released.

Monday January 15th: Season 1 commences, and deadline for team payments. Remaining Season 3 fixtures released.


The area between Fields 1 and 2, and between Fields 3 and 4, are off limits.

Spectators and players not on the field must remain off the synthetic turf while games are in progress.

Anyone repeatedly violating these rules may be asked to leave the fields.


  • Teams needing substitute players can post in the APL Facebook group and be contacted by players looking for a game, or they can seek substitutes through their own means.
  • Substitute players must have an account on (no cost) before they play.
  • Division 1 registered players cannot play as a substitute in Division 3 games under any circumstances.
  • Players are permitted to play a second game on a Monday if the team they wish to substitute for would otherwise have to forfeit their game.
  • Players not registered to a Season 1 team who play as a substitute for more than three rounds of the season may be asked to pay an individual registration fee to play in further rounds.
  • Teams who regularly require substitute players to avoid a forfeit may risk losing priority registration status for future seasons.


6:30pm – 7:40pm
7:40pm – 8:50pm
8:50pm – 10:00pm

Divisions rotate through timeslots each week. 


Refunds for APL will be allowed in the following circumstances.

Teams withdrawing due to locality-based restrictions or isolation orders Pro-rata refund upon written application to APLC. Requires proof of current address for all registered players to be provided within 72 hours of application. Refund will be pro-rata for missed games calculated from 24 hours after receipt of the application. For example, an application received at 6pm Sunday would include the following day’s game in the pro-rata refund, but an application received on the Tuesday would not, even if the team was not able to attend the previous day’s game.
Teams withdrawing from the league voluntarilyUpon written application. Determined by APLC on a case-by-case basis, however a complete pro-rata refund for games played is unlikely to be offered unlike in other circumstances outlined here.
Remaining league games cancelled as advised by federal, state or local government, or statutory authorityPro-rata refund or credit issued for games not played.
Remaining league games cancelled by Ultimate Victoria All teams will receive a pro-rata refund or credit for games not played
Players or teams removed from the league following repeated violations of league rulesIf the APLC, Ultimate Victoria staff, or the Ultimate Victoria board of directors, recommend the removal of a player or team from the league, no refund will be issued.