All insurance policies are held by the Australian Flying Disc Association Ltd (AFDA). The information below is general advice for UV members. Any clarifications should be sought from AFDA.

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance

Most Councils and other field providers require you to hold Public Liability insurance in order to book fields. Clubs affiliated clubs with Ultimate Victoria can use a certificate of currency issued by AFDA to book fields.

This insurance covers

  • Public Liability Insurance up to $20,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance up to $5,000,000

Officers of AFDA affiliated associations are covered by the AFDA’s professional indemnity insurance.

Flying Disc Sports in Australia has a “pay for what you play” system in place, this means all your league and tournament fees collected by organisers contain an Event Based Fee (EBF) to cover insurance components for all events.

Injury Insurance – Claims Procedure

If you are a member of Ultimate Victoria and you have suffered an injury whilst participating in an official flying disc activity you may be entitled to make a claim through AFDA insurance. Please ensure you are familiar with the AFDA Claims Procedure as you will need to keep records and receipts of your medical treatment in order to make the claim.

Please note that treatments typically covered by Medicare are NOT covered by sports injury insurance.

If you need assistance with making a claim for an injury suffered during a UV event or an affiliated club event (including training), please contact us.