• Ultimate Victoria

    Ultimate Victoria

    Ultimate Victoria is the State Sporting Association
    for the sport of Ultimate in Victoria.

About Ultimate Victoria

Ultimate Victoria (UV) is a non-profit Incorporated Association aimed at developing the game of Ultimate throughout Victoria. UV is run by a volunteer board (see below) and has had a paid employee since 2010. Committee members are volunteers that have a passion for the game and for growing the sport in Victoria.


That every Victorian has the opportunity to be regularly involved in Ultimate.


Ultimate Victoria is passionately committed to providing an inclusive, healthy and active community and developing new opportunities to grow, through the sport of Ultimate.

What we do

UV runs a number of Ultimate leagues and tournaments in Victoria throughout the year.  UV also provides assistance to its member clubs to promote the game, and provides coaching sessions of Ultimate for school and community groups.

Ultimate Victoria is recognised by and affiliated with the Australian Flying Disc Association, which in turn is a member of the World Flying Disc Federation.

Here is a copy of Ultimate Victoria’s Constitution and Strategic Plan.

Committee Members

  • President

    Jess Chadderton

    Jess was appointed as President of the UV board in October 2019 following two years as Vice President. She has several years of experience working with Funny Duck Ultimate and the Brunswick Ultimate Disc Society. She started playing Ultimate socially in 2013 and has been playing competitively since 2015.

    Email: jess [AT] ultimatevictoria.com.au

  • Vice President

    Tom Shael

    Tom started playing ultimate at the Brunswick Ultimate Disc Society and hasn’t looked back. He brings to the board a broad range of professional experience from strategic, managerial and technical roles across both business and government. Tom was appointed to the UV board in October, 2019.

  • Ultimate Victoria is currently seeking nominations for the position of Secretary. 

  • Treasurer

    Georgia Chatterton 

    Georgia Chatterton recently graduated from a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy). She has loved playing ultimate since she began in 2016 at Albert Park and is highly focused on inclusion and participation, particularly for newer ultimate players. 

    Georgia was appointed the UV treasurer in October, 2019. 

  • General Member

    Ollie Forster

    Ollie joined the UV board in November 2018. He started playing ultimate with UNSW in Sydney and joined the Victorian Ultimate community through Funny Duck Ultimate. He is the long term TD for Savage Sixes (Sevens). Passionate about accessibility and grass roots level tournaments, Ollie has taken over as TD for Melbourne Hat 2019.

  • General Member

    David Semini

    David stands on the UV board as a general member following several years in the role of Treasurer. David is also the UV Bookkeeper. 

  • VicFlick


    VicFlick is a brand new youth program being delivered by Ultimate Victoria.

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