Angry Waiters


  • One disc per player
  • Four cones marking an area for each group – allow around for about 4m² per player


  • Knock the disc out of other players’ hands, while keeping your own disc balanced on your hand


  • Area marked out by cones


  • Each player starts with a disc held upside down in the palm of their hand, like a waiter carrying a tray
  • Try to knock other players’ discs off their hand, all while keeping your own disc balanced on your hand
  • Trapping the disc against your body isn’t allowed
  • When your disc is knocked out of your hand, you are out until the next round


  • You can only touch the discs of other players, and not their arms, legs or body


  • Number: play with smaller or larger groups
  • Equipment: if you don’t have enough discs for every participant, change the game so players with a disc have to try and cross an area while players without discs try and knock their disc off
  • Time: introduce a time limit for rounds