Session C3

This session will teach a new throw – the forehand – and a new way of catching – rim catching.

Preparation: Use cones to set up one field for every eight participants (15m wide, 25m long goal-to-goal, plus 5m long endzones). These fields can also be used as playing areas for activities.


  • Introduce yourself if you haven’t been with the group before
  • Remind the group what they learned in the previous session
  • Outline any safety considerations for the session



  • Teach forehand throw. Demonstrate the grip and have each participant try it
  • Introduce two-handed and one-handed rim catches if the disc is too high or low for a clap catch
    • Thumbs below the rim for a high catch
    • Thumbs above the rim for a low catch
  • Have participants throw in pairs for a few minutes to experiment with the new skills
  • Use the GSWAP sheet to help participants make adjustments


Extra Activity (for longer sessions)

Rules Chat

In and out of bounds

  • If you catch, and one of your feet, or part of your body is touching the sideline, are you in or out of bounds? (Out)
  • If you aren’t sure where your feet were when you caught, what can you do? (ask the player with the best perspective to make the decision)
  • If you catch the frisbee in bounds, and your momentum takes you out of bounds, what happens? (Come back to the place where you crossed out of bounds, establish your pivot foot, make your throw).
  • What happens in the endzone? (Same rules)
  • What happens if the pull goes out of bounds? Explain the function of a “brick” call.

Play Ultimate!

  • Play with four per side on the field
  • Encourage participants to use new throw and catches they just learned
  • Make an effort to ensure everyone is involved
  • Use the CHANGE IT sheet to make adjustments if needed

Finish up

  • Ask participants to return all cones and discs
  • Revise what was learned during the session – forehand throw and rim catch
  • Thank them for playing!