All-In Tag


  • Use four marker cones to lay out a playing area


  • Everyone tries to tag everyone else! Players who are tagged continue to tag others from a standing position.


  • Show the participants the playing area


  • Tagged players crouch and can continue to tag others, but can’t change position.
  • If two players tag each other at the same time, play “rock scissors paper” to determine who crouches


  • Taggers should tag players with their hands, between shoulder and hip height.
  • Tag lightly, don’t push!


  • Game Rules: Walk, shuffle, skip, jump
  • Game Rules: Statues – the coach signals ‘statue’ and all the running players have to freeze in a one-legged statue. Play resumes after 5 seconds on the signal ‘go’.
  • Game Rules: Repeat the statue freeze when about half the players have been tagged. On the signal ‘go’, all the crouchers become runners and the runners become crouchers.
  • Inclusion: A player with limited mobility may have to be tagged twice. Alternatively, use a ‘buddy’ pairing for all players – both players in a pair have to be tagged within 5 seconds. Vary the  locomotion according to the ability of the players.