Pass and Run


  • Four cones to set up a playing area – 35m by 15m
  • A line of cones across the width of the playing area every 7-10m (three lines total, not including each end of the area)
  • Three defenders, and the rest of the group in pairs at attackers
  • One disc per pair of attackers


  • For two attackers to move the disc from one end of the playing area to the other without the disc being blocked or intercepted by a defender.


  • One defender starting on each of the lines across the area
  • Defenders can move anywhere along the line they are on but cannot move off it


  • Attackers cannot run with the disc and can only move it by throwing it
  • Once one pair gets to the other end, or the defenders block/intercept the disc, the next pair starts
  • Rotate roles regularly so everyone gets to play attack and defence


  • Attackers return to the starting point by going around the outside of the playing area


  • Coaching: join in with an attacker to demonstrate where to run and how to throw to avoid defenders
  • Number of players: increase or decrease the number of defenders
  • Inclusion: ask the players to come up with challenges for each other like a time limit or certain throws allowed