Session C2

This session focus on communicating with teammates while playing, and passing and catching while on the move.

Preparation: Use cones to set up one field for every eight participants (15m wide, 25m long goal-to-goal, plus 5m long endzones). These fields can also be used as playing areas for activities.


  • Introduce yourself if you haven’t been with the group before
  • Remind the group what they learned in the previous session (catching & backhand throw)
  • Outline any safety considerations for the session



  • Have the team stand in a circle and have everyone say their name
  • Pass the disc across the circle until everyone has caught and thrown it once. They cannot pass to the player next to them
  • Ask them to remember who threw to them and who they threw to
  • Once the order is established, see how quickly you can get the disc through the order
    • Discuss strategies of how they can make this work. For example – say the name of the player you are throwing to. Encourage them to communicate throughout the task!
  • Add in some extra challenges if there is time
    • Add extra discs going at the same time
    • Have one of the discs get passed around in the reverse order


This activity focusses on passing to teammates who are moving. Encourage them to throw out in front of teammates so they can run on to the catch.

Remind players they don’t have to stop on the spot when they catch! They can take extra steps to slow down.

Extra Activity (for longer sessions)

Rules Chat

Introduce contact and foul calls

  • Remind participants that all players are responsible for upholding the rules of the game
  • Is contact allowed between the thrower/catcher and their defender? (No)
  • What happens if there is contact? (The thrower/catcher can call ‘contact’ or ‘foul’)
  • When a foul or violation is called on the field – all players must stop where they are. Players should echo that a call has been made.
  • If the player against whom the foul call was made disagrees – they can ‘contest’ the call.
  • If a player making the foul call determines that their call was incorrect, they can retract the call by calling ‘retracted’. Play restarts with a check.
  • If foul/contact called in the act of throwing, and pass is complete, call ‘play on’.
  • If the pass is incomplete, play stops and discussion occurs. If the foul affected play, disc is returned to the thrower.

Play Ultimate!

  • Keep teams small – no more than four per side on the field
  • Don’t explain tactics, just get everyone moving!
  • Make an effort to ensure everyone is involved
  • Use the CHANGE IT sheet to make adjustments if needed

Finish up

  • Ask participants to return all cones and discs
  • Revise what was learned during the session – communicating, and passing to a moving teammate
  • Thank them for playing!