Session B2

This session will teach a new throw – the forehand – and work on throwing to a moving target.

Preparation: Use cones to set up one field for every eight participants (15m wide, 25m long goal-to-goal, plus 5m long endzones). These fields can also be used as playing areas for activities.


  • Introduce yourself if you haven’t been with the group before
  • Remind the group what they learned in the previous session (catching & backhand throw)
  • Outline any safety considerations for the session



  • Explain and demonstrate the forehand throw
  • Give participants 2-3 minutes to throw with a partner. Use the GSWAP sheet to help identify and correct common errors


Extra Skills (for longer sessions)

  • Explain and demonstrate how to make throws curve, by holding the disc at different angles
  • Give participants 4-5 minutes to throw with a partner and experiment with getting the disc to curve

Extra Activity (for longer sessions)

Rules Chat

Introduce Spirit Of The Game

  • Players are responsible for upholding the rules of the game
  • Is contact allowed between the thrower/catcher and their defender? (No)
  • What happens if there is contact? (The thrower/catcher can call ‘contact’ or ‘foul’)
  • When a foul or violation is called on the field – all players must stop where they are. Players should echo that a call has been made.
  • If the player against whom the foul call was made disagrees – they can ‘contest’ the call.
  • If a player making the foul call determines that their call was incorrect, they can retract the call by calling ‘retracted’. Play restarts with a check.
  • If foul/contact called in the act of throwing, and pass is complete, call ‘play on’.
  • If the pass is incomplete, play stops and discussion occurs. If the foul affected play, disc is returned to the thrower.

Play Ultimate!

  • Keep teams small – no more than four per side on the field
  • Don’t explain tactics, just get everyone moving!
  • Make an effort to ensure everyone is involved
  • Use the CHANGE IT sheet to make adjustments if needed

Finish up

  • Ask participants to return all cones and discs
  • Revise what was learned during the session – forehand and throwing to a moving target
  • Thank them for playing!