The Ultimate Victoria Appointment Panel and Board are pleased to announce the Coaches for the Victorian U22 representative teams, the Blue Devils (Mixed), the Weedy Seadragons (Women), and the Leadbeater Possums (Men) who will lead our Victorian teams at the Australian U22 Ultimate Championships in Perth from 23rd – 25th November in 2018.

The position of Team Manager for the Weedy Seadragons (Women’s) team is still vacant. If you are interested in fulfilling this role, please express your interest to 

Congratulations to the following Victorian U22 Coaches and Manager for the 2018 Campaign!

Weedy Seadragons – Women’s

Head Coach: Caroline Ma
Assistant Coaches: Jasper Pentland and Georgia Egan-Griffiths
Team Manager: TBC

(Caroline Ma, Jasper Pentland & Georgia Egan-Griffiths)

Caroline is excited to have the opportunity to work with a group of upcoming athletes and assist them on their path to becoming impactful and dominant players.

Jasper is really looking forward to helping this team of individuals grow into a truly strong collective unit. Working with the future stars of the sport is always exciting for Jasper and believes the talent pool will be exceptionally deep this year.

Georgia is looking forward to being able to watch Victoria’s most talented athletes develop as Ultimate players and as people.

Leadbeater Possums – Men’s

Head Coach: Chloe McDonald
Assistant Coaches: Lachlan McDonald and Joshua Pereira
Team Manager: Cameron Lyon

(Lachlan McDonald, Chloe McDonald, Joshua Pereira & Cameron Lyon)

Chloe and Lachlan feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to once again help guide the future of Victorian Ultimate together. Chloe and Lachlan are also excited to bring two former players into the leadership group and to continue the Leadbeater’s key values, family culture and legacy.

Josh and Cameron are both looking forward to giving back to the Leadbeater’s program and help create an awesome environment in which players can grow and develop.

Blue Devils – Mixed

Head Coach: Simon Talbot
Assistant Coaches: Katelyn Lusted and Stephanie Spehar
Team Manager: Nicholas Ng


(Simon Talbot, Katelyn Lusted, Stephanie Spehar & Nicholas Ng)

Having coached the team in 2017, Simon is excited to once again work with Victoria’s young athletes to play great ultimate, enjoy themselves and improve on last year’s results.

Katelyn and Stephanie are both looking forward to increasing their involvement in growing the Ultimate Frisbee community and assist in players development. They are excited to be involved in this campaign, with a goal to create a supportive and enjoyable team atmosphere.

Nicholas is looking forward to seeing growth and development in Victoria’s best young athletes, and to see them face-off against other young athletes from around Australia.

Ultimate Victoria wishes all of our coaches and managers an enjoyable and fulfilling time building their teams. We would like to also thank everyone for showing interest in applying for these roles. Its great to see the amount of passion shown to give back to the Ultimate community, and a special thank you to the UV Appointment Panel in Greta Murdoch, Matt Hill and Jack Toebelman.

Player Expression of Interest

For anyone interested in trying out for the U22 Victorian teams, please complete the below form before the first selection day.

Selection Trials

Mixed: 9.00am – 12.30pm
Men’s and Women’s: 1.00pm – 5.00pm
When: Saturday 28th July, Sunday 29th July, Saturday 4th August
Where: RMIT Bundoora Sport Complex (McKimmies Rd) on main AFL oval

Selection format at try-outs is going to be player preference model and will feature both split gender and mixed formats, with all teams to be selected at the same time. Each selection day will feature half day mixed and half day men’s/women’s. Players will need to choose which is their first and second preference (if any) team prior to selections via the EOI form.

Players will have the opportunity to change their preference up until the Tuesday (31st July) before the final selection day. If a player decides to change, they must do so in writing and send to the coaches of both teams they are changing from / to. If the player does not submit the preference change in writing before the required date, the preference change will not be valid.

Selection Criteria

Familiarise yourself with the selection criteria put together by the U22 coaches. You can download a copy of the selection criteria for each team below:


Further information about expected finances, team training and eligibility can be found in the EOI form.