UV High School State Championships 2019 Recap

Big congratulations to all the high school teams who recently participated in the UV High School State Championships (UVHSSC) on Wednesday 15th May.

What turned out to be a perfect day for Ultimate, the UVHSSC took place at the Ransford, Ryder, McAlister and Western Ovals in Royal Park North, Parkville. The event continues to grow year to year as we saw another increase in teams participating, featuring 29 teams from 14 schools across Melbourne, Bacchus Marsh, Geelong and Ballarat to play in the day-long Ultimate Frisbee tournament. A special shout out goes to new schools Overnewton College and Preshil for competing for the first time in 2019.

Teams displayed a great show of skill, determination, fun, collaboration and Spirit of the Game throughout the day from start to finish. Featuring multiple pool play games across the girls and boys divisions, the top teams from each pool competed for the championship in a closely fought out finals play off in both divisions.

For the girls, it was Caufield Grammar (2018 winners) verses Covenant College (2018 3rd place & 2017 winners) in an exciting finish, resulting in a 4 v 3 win to Caufield for their second consecutive High School Champs victory.

For the boys, it was evident that Caufield Grammar was again a force to be reckoned with, with each of their 4 teams qualifying for finals and determined to retain their champions title from 2018. The final came down to a tight tussle between the White and Gold teams from Caufield, resulting in a 6 v 5 win to the White team.

Congratulations to the following teams who triumphed in their respective divisions.

Final Results

Girls Division

Champions: Caufield Grammar
Runners Up: Covenant College
3rd Place: Aquinas College
Spirit Champions: John Monash Science School B

Boys Division

Champions: Caufield Grammar WHITE
Runners Up: Caufield Grammar GOLD
3rd Place: Caufield Grammar BLUE
Spirit Champions: Bacchus Marsh Grammar A

Girls Division Placings

(1) Caufield (2) Covenant (3) Aquinas (4) Bacchus Marsh A (5) MacRobertson Girls A (6) Bacchus Marsh B (7) MacRobertson Girls B (8) John Monash B (9) John Monash A (10) Suzanne Cory

Boys Division Placings

(1) Caufield WHITE (2) Caufield GOLD (3) Caufield BLUE (4) Bacchus Marsh A (5) Covenant (6) Melbourne HS A (7) Caufield GREEN (8) Mckinnon (9) John Monash A (10) John Monash B (11) Wantirna A (12) Blackburn (13) Wantirna B (14) Federation (15) Bacchus Marsh B (16) Suzanne Cory (17) Melbourne HS B (18) Overnewton (19) Preshil

Spirit of the Game – Girls (Top 3)

1st. John Monash Science School B
2nd. John Monash Science School A
3rd. MacRobertson Girls High School A

Spirit of the Game – Boys (Top 3)

1st. Bacchus Marsh Grammar A
2nd. Bacchus Marsh Grammar B
3rd. Overnewton College

Ultimate Victoria would like to thank all schools, students and teachers for their participation and efforts throughout the day.

A very big thank you also goes out to all staff and volunteers who gave up their time to help set up and run an amazing event for all involved. Thank you to Sam Jacobs, Nick Ng, Yvette Nguyen, Tipman Wong, Mabel Eldred, James Walker Simon Talbot, and Dan Rule for all your hard work on the day!

Nick Ng, Tipman Wong, Mabel Eldred, James Walker, Sam Jacobs & Yvette Nguyen

The event is run annually by Ultimate Victoria to provide an opportunity for schools to participate in a state-wide Ultimate Frisbee competition and to encourage participation from schools with limited opportunities to play inter-school Ultimate.

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