Session C6

This session will introduce basic offense strategy – making space for teammates to use.

Preparation: Use cones to set up one field for every eight participants. For this session, the field can be bigger than before if you have the space for it (20m wide, 35m long goal-to-goal, plus 7-8m long endzones). These fields can also be used as playing areas for activities.


  • Introduce yourself if you haven’t been with the group before
  • Remind the group what they learned in the previous session
  • Outline any safety considerations for the session



Introduce cutting from a stack

  • Discuss the need to create space on the field for cutters to move free of defenders
  • Explain what a stack is – a point on the field where cutters start from and return to, and the point moves down the field as the disc does
  • Introduce basic cutting movement – start by running out from the stack, and then either towards or away from the disc
  • If the disc isn’t thrown to you, return to the stack and wait for your next opportunity


Extra Activity (for longer sessions)

Rules Chat

Disc check and restarting play

  • How should we restart play after a stoppage without a referee? (person with the disc gives a clear signal once everyone is ready)
  • Explain the process of a disc check – the thrower and the closest defender check their teams are ready, then the defender calls “disc in” and taps the disc before starting a stall count.
  • What happens if a defender isn’t around the disc? (thrower taps the disc to the ground instead)
  • What happens if no one has the disc? (nearest defender to the disc calls “disc in”)
  • Explain how players move back to where they were when the foul or violation happened. If you don’t remember exactly, you can just agree on a “best guess” with your opponent.
  • When is a check not needed? (Out of bounds, brick, turnovers, some travel calls)

Play Ultimate!

  • Play with five per side on the field
  • Encourage participants to create space for teammates to move in to to get free of defenders
  • Make an effort to ensure everyone is involved
  • Use the CHANGE IT sheet to make adjustments if needed

Finish up

  • Ask participants to return all cones and discs
  • Revise what was learned during the session – forming a stack to create space for teammates
  • Thank them for playing!