This is based on a ball game played by the Kabi Kabi people of southern Queensland. It is very similar to touch rugby.


  • Eight cones marking a field for every two teams – approximately 15m wide and 25m goal-to-goal
  • One disc
  • Two teams of equal numbers


  • Score a point by running the disc across a goal line


  • Show participants the field and the goal line


  • One team starts on offence and one starts on defence. Play starts will a pull similar to Ultimate
  • Players run with the disc, but must stop when they are tagged by a defender. Once they are stopped, they must throw to a teammate who can keep running
  • Possession changes after the offence has been tagged six times, or if the defence can block or intercept the frisbee
  • A player scores one point for their team if they run over the score line with the frisbee, without being touched by an opponent.
  • Players can’t catch the frisbee in the endzone, they must run it in



  • Area: make the playing field wider (easier for offence) or narrower (harder for defence)
  • Time: add a time limit on when a tagged player must pass