Work Experience with Ultimate Victoria

On Monday of this week I began my year 10 work experience. I began on Monday morning having half an idea what I was in for. I wasn’t all that familiar with everything Dan does.

Over these few days I have learnt a lot more about Dan’s job and what it takes to do it. On the first day I wrote down what I thought his job included. The first hour consisted of talking about what kinds of things his job includes. I was set up with a computer and got given a few things that I needed to complete. Some of these things included VicFlick session plans and details and information for Ultimate Victoria’s Website that was being developed. Then the first day was over.

Tuesday consisted of finding some information for session plans and putting them together, making google forms and finished with a trip to Creswick which involved a tour of Creswick from Dan and Greta as well as the UV board meeting.

Wednesday was back into the work finalising the session plans and starting a VicFlick Flyer! Unfortunately I didn’t press save and deleted everything so had to restart Thursday morning which meant I could fix it up anyway and redesign it. Towards the afternoon the flyer was done and most of the things on my list were ticked off.

So far work experience has been a lot of fun and I’ve learnt a lot from working with Dan over the week. I’ve become more familiar over the week, with what his job entails. It has been really fun to be able to do work experience in the sport I love – and being able to know it a lot better from behind the scenes has really helped me!

Tomorrow will mark the end of my work experience and it’s been great!