Ultimate Victoria All-Star Game – Teams Announced

The teams competing in the Ultimate Victoria All-Star Game on Saturday November 12th have been announced.

Team West:

Toni Cox (Bauhaus Ultimate)

Clare Hussey (Bauhaus Ultimate)

Hannah Mangan (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Ash Martens (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Chloe McDonald  (Bauhaus Ultimate)

Simone Ryan (Bauhaus Ultimate)

Emilya Toney (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Brendan Ashcroft (Heads of State)

Carlos Castelblanco (Chilly Ultimate)

Tony Castrignano (Heads of State)

David Knight (Heads of State)

Lachlan McDonald (Heads of State)

Tom Rogacki (Chilly Ultimate)

Max Wheeler (Heads of State)


Team East:

Quinette Armstrong (Bauhaus Ultimate)

Mikhaila Dignam (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Georgia Egan-Griffiths (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Shu-hwei Gross (Bauhaus Ultimate)

Cat Phillips (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Michelle Phillips (Bauhaus Ultimate)

Alex Prentice (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Lee Baker (Chilly Ultimate)

Al Don (Chilly Ultimate)

Geoffrey Grundy (Heads of State)

Chris Kaliviotis (Heads of State)

Michael Lau (Chilly Ultimate)

Lochlan Wise (Heads of State)

Tim Wise (Heads of State)


Thanks to the selectors Tom Rogacki, Joy Lee, Michelle Phillips, Chris Kaliviotis and Rueben Berg.


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