Ultimate Victoria to launch new program with support from VicHealth

With the support of VicHealth, Ultimate Victoria and Ultimate Australia are excited to announce the launch of a new program aimed at greatly increasing the participation of girls in Ultimate.

The program will create opportunities for girls aged 12 – 17 to participate in Ultimate with a key focus on girls who have become disengaged from sport, or who have never before played sport.

Ultimate Victoria is one of 13 sporting organisations partnering with VicHealth in an effort to raise the profile of women’s sport and tackle barriers to the continuing participation of girls in sport. We are extremely proud to be a part of this initiative.

It’s fantastic that women’s sport is starting to get the recognition and respect it deserves but we still have a long way to go to equal men’s sport in terms of participation, media coverage and profile. And there are still not enough women in key decision making and leadership roles in sport.

By taking the VicHealth Gender Equality in Sport Leadership Pledge, we are also committing to achieving gender balance in all our public events and marketing, and prioritising access for women and girls in all facilities we use.

We believe that increasing gender equality and female participation in sport benefits us all, from the girls who get to continue playing sport all the way to elite levels just like their brothers; to the local clubs whose community is enriched by having more women and girls involved; and the club boards that make better decisions with diverse views around the table.

Find out more about VicHealth’s Active Women programs here. Stay tuned for more information about UV’s program in the coming days!

Simon Talbot, President Ewan Wymer and Cat Phillips sign the VicHealth Gender Equality in Sport Leadership Pledge for Ultimate Victora