Go Inside and Play – Indoor Ultimate

Now that the days are a bit cooler and a bit shorter, clubs around the state are moving indoors to play throughout the winter. Read on to learn about indoor ultimate and where you can play this winter.

Indoor Ultimate

Functionally, indoor ultimate is the same game as outdoor. You’re still passing the disc between teammates to get it to an endzone, it’s non-contact and you can’t run with the disc. However there are a few changes to make the game work in indoor spaces.

  • Space: Indoor ultimate is played on basketball or netball courts with smaller endzones
  • Team size: Depending on which club you play at, teams only have 4 or 5 on the field at once. You can substitute whenever you want, so team sizes are typically small.
  • Shorter games: Indoor ultimate is played to time, often around 30 minutes, with no score cap.
  • “House Rules”: There’s no uniform way to play indoor ultimate in Victoria. Each club will have their own variants on gameplay and scoring. For example, Werribee plays “continuous scoring”, where once a goal is scored the disc is tapped on the ground and play immediately restarts with teams switching ends; Dandenong doesn’t allow end-to-end passing at all – at least one pass needs to be completed in the centre third of the field between goals. You’ll be taught the house rules at each club by their friendly volunteers!


When: Sundays 12pm to 1pm. Season starts June 6th and runs until August 15th.
Where: Wodonga Leisure Centre, Hedgerow Ct, West Wodonga
More info: https://afda.com/e/awuf-indoor-winter-league-2021


When: Tuesdays 6:30pm. Season started on April 20th, new players still welcome.
Where: St Patricks College, Wanliss Road, Newington
More info: https://ballaratultimate.com.au/e/ballarat-utimate-term-2-indoor-league


When: Tuesday evenings. Learn-to-play from 7pm, games from 7:30pm. Starts April 27th. New players welcome every week.
Where: Olive Road Sporting Complex, Frawley Road, Eumemmering
More info: https://www.ultimatevictoria.com.au/dandenong/


When: Mondays 7:15pm. Started on April 19th, new players welcome every week.
Where: Brauer College, Caramut Road, Warrnambool
More info: https://www.facebook.com/WarrnamboolUltimate


When: Sundays from 6pm. New season starting soon, registration closes on April 30th.
Where: Eagle Stadium, Ballan Road, Werribee
More info: https://www.facebook.com/wyndhamultimate