COVID-19 Update – October 21st

Following the Victorian government’s recent update regarding restrictions on sport and recreation, the UV Return To Play Working Group has reviewed their guidelines for the sport of ultimate in Victoria.


Casual throwing is encouraged! Ultimate Victoria recommends getting out with a small number of friends and throwing a disc as a means of exercise and socialisation.


Games of ultimate are not permitted, even with reduced participants (eg: 5 v 5). Despite the rules of the game stating otherwise, ultimate is classed as a contact sport under DHHS guidelines due it’s similarity to other field sports falling under this classification.

UV is continuing to monitor updates from DHHS and will advise members of further updates to this status.


No events or tournaments are planned for November.

The Events Subcommittee is working on a calendar of events for the first few months of 2021 and will be working with clubs to publish this at the end of November.


Clubs are allowed to resume training sessions following the submission of a COVID-19 Training Plan to the UV Return To Play Working group (link below), and the appointment of a COVID Safety Officer (sample position description available to download below)

The key to training under current restrictions is to Get In – Train – Get Out.

  • Train in groups with a maximum of the current number of participants allowable in outdoor activities by the Victorian government (currently up to 10 people).
    (UPDATE: As at 11:59pm on Tuesday October 27th, the “two households requirement has been removed, however the maximum group size is still 10 people)
  • Multiple groups can train at the same venue, provided the area each group is training in is clearly marked out by cones, with at least a 10 metre “buffer” space between areas.
  • The members within each training group must stay within their group and its designated area for the whole session.
  • Start and finish times for each group should be staggered to manage entry and exit points and ensure no oversized gatherings occur.
  • If you hold multiple sessions in a week, UV recommends keeping training groups consistent for the whole week. Individuals who switch between groups during a week risk exposing a greater number of club members to COVID-19 and the requirements of self-isolation should a member of any training group be diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Training should focus on socially distanced frisbee games, technical drills or group technical drills without physical contact. Match simulation drills (anything with an offence versus defence component) are not permitted.
  • Socialising (eg: group meals) immediately before or after training sessions is highly discouraged.


  • Social distancing measures apply – 1.5m between training squad members – in all activities.
  • If training in a public space, ensure there is plenty of distance between your training squad and other public space users
    • Can you throw a disc between other groups or public space users?
    • Can you overhear conversations between other groups or public space users?
    • Can you keep your belongings away from other groups or public space users?
  • Inform all players not to attend training if they are unwell or have displayed COVID-19 symptoms within the previous 14 days. Clubs must insist that anyone with these symptoms leaves the training venue.


  • Training sessions must have designated “mask off” and “mask on” times in their sessions. “Mask off” must be immediately preceding the commencement of strenuous exercise (eg: before warm-up). “Mask on” should be at the conclusion of activity, and prior to cooling down.
  • All participants must keep their masks with them while training as per DHHS regulations on exercise.
  • UV recommends that a shared collection of discs belonging to the club is used for training, and not having participants bring their own disc from home.
  • Discs to be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes before and after each training session.
  • Clubs must provide players with access to hand sanitiser before, during and after training. If possible, clubs should also make hand washing facilities with soap and water available as well.
  • Do not allow players to share drink bottles, towels or jerseys.
  • Players to be encouraged to go straight home after training and have a thorough full body shower with soap.


  • Contact information on attendees, including name, and mobile phone number must be collected and kept for 28 days. Use electronic recording means where practical. Where pen and paper are used, encourage the use of individual pens; provide adequate sanitiser or use one person as the scribe.
  • Take a photo of the training squad to assist in any contact tracing in the event a training squad member is diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Training groups should keep their bags together so that those people who have the COVIDSafe app installed on their mobile device can recognise other devices with the COVIDSafe app installed and Bluetooth® enabled.
  • Regularly review your COVID-19 Training Plan to ensure it is consistent with current directions and advice provided by health authorities.
  • Ensure you have a copy of this COVID-19 Training Plan which must be produced if requested from a relevant compliance/enforcement officer. This may include providing an electronic copy.

Download a template of a COVID-19 Training Plan here

Download a sample position description for a COVID Safety Officer here

Ultimate Victoria is treating the health and safety of its members and their families very seriously during this time.

Just as players are responsible for upholding the rules of the game on the field, we ask that you uphold these rules off the field as well.

Any clubs found to be running activities without submitting a COVID-19 Training Plan, violating their plan, or not adhering to any of the above restrictions, may face disciplinary action from Ultimate Victoria.

If you have any questions about any of the recommendations, or the COVID-19 Training Plan please contact UV’s Program Manager Simon Talbot (simon [at]