COVID-19 Update – October 21

Following the Victorian government’s recent update regarding proposed restriction levels on sport and recreation in the coming months, we have updated our guidelines for the sport of ultimate in Victoria. The guidelines come into effect on Friday October 22nd, 2021.

Please note these guidelines come into effect on Friday October 22nd, 2021


Casual throwing is encouraged with friends! You can meet with up with 15 people total (20 in regional Victoria) to throw a disc around in a park.

You will need to have a face covering with you at all times, and keep a safe distance from other groups using public areas.

We highly recommend getting out to a disc golf course if there is one in your area and giving that a go!


Games of ultimate are not permitted. Despite the rules of the game stating otherwise, ultimate is classed as a contact sport under DHHS guidelines due it’s similarity to other field sports falling under this classification.

UV is continuing to monitor updates from DHHS and will advise members of further updates to this status.


Clubs can train outdoor only in groups with a maximum of the current number of participants allowable in outdoor activities by the Victorian government.

  • Metropolitan Melbourne – up to 50 registered participants
  • Regional Victoria – up to 100 registered participants

Training should focus on socially distanced frisbee games, technical drills or group technical drills without physical contact. Match simulation drills (anything with an offence versus defence component) are not permitted.

All participants in training sessions must be fully vaccinated, or have evidence of a contraindication (medical exemption) documented by a qualified medical practitioner. Clubs have the opportunity to opt-in to UV’s COVID-19 Certification process to provide their members with a “one and done” check of their vaccination or contraindication status.

  • Social distancing measures apply – 1.5m between training squad members – in all activities.
  • If training in a public space, ensure there is plenty of distance between your training squad and other public space users
    • Can you throw a disc between other groups or public space users?
    • Can you overhear conversations between other groups or public space users?
    • Can you keep your belongings away from other groups or public space users?
  • Inform all players not to attend training if they are unwell or have displayed COVID-19 symptoms within the previous 14 days. Clubs must insist that anyone with these symptoms leaves the training venue.
  • Training sessions must have designated “mask off” and “mask on” times in their sessions. “Mask off” must be immediately preceding the commencement of strenuous exercise (eg: before warm-up). “Mask on” should be at the conclusion of activity, and prior to cooling down.
  • All participants must keep their masks with them while training as per DHHS regulations on exercise.
  • UV recommends that a shared collection of discs belonging to the club is used for training, and not having participants bring their own disc from home.
  • Do not allow players to share drink bottles, towels or jerseys.

All clubs running any group activities must have a Service Victoria registered QR code on display, and have all attendees check in upon arrival.


Competitive tournament play is not yet permitted anywhere in Victoria, however we anticipate this will change in the coming weeks. We encourage you to save the date for the following events

  • Saturday December 4th and Sunday December 5th – 2022 Melbourne Hat (Albert Park)
  • Saturday February 19th and Sunday February 20th – 2022 Victorian Ultimate Championships (Bendigo)

Reference: Victoria’s Roadmap

Ultimate Victoria is treating the health and safety of its members and their families very seriously during this time.

Just as players are responsible for upholding the rules of the game on the field, we ask that you uphold these rules off the field as well.

If you have any questions about any of these guidelines, please contact UV’s Program Manager Simon Talbot (simon [at]