2023 Victorian State Rep teams – Expression of Interest

Ultimate Victoria is now accepting expressions of interest for all athletes eligible to represent the state at Under 18, Under 22 and Masters level in 2023. Read more to find out how to sign up.


  • Under 18 Mixed
  • Weedy Seadragons (Under 22 Women)
  • Leadbeaters Possums (Under 22 Open)
  • Blue Devils (Under 22 Mixed Metro)
  • Greater Bilbies (Under 22 Mixed Country/Tasmania)
  • Masters Open
  • Masters Women
  • Masters Mixed

For Victorian players, there are no geographical restrictions on eligibility for the two Mixed teams. Where you live does not solely determine which team you can play for, however players based outside of metropolitan Melbourne are given greater weighting for selection for the Greater Bilbies team.

Ultimate Victoria and the Tasmanian Ultimate Association have an agreement in place where a fixed number of places on the Greater Bilbies team are reserved for Tasmanian players. We are working towards TUA building a successful stand-alone Under 22 program over the next few years.

UV may enter multiple teams in each Masters division if there is sufficient demand.


To be eligible for a Victorian representative team, you must…

a) have resided in Victoria for at least the last three months, or be a member of a club affiliated with UV

b) be in good financial standing with UV and its affiliated clubs

Under 18s

To be eligible for the Under 18 squad you must be born ON or AFTER 1 January 2005.

Under 22s

To be eligible to play you must be born ON or AFTER 1 January 2001. 

UV will not select any players to both an U18 and an U22 team. If you are eligible for Under 18s but wish to be considered for Under 22 teams instead, you must apply for an exemption by writing to simon@ultimatevictoria.com.au and outlining your playing experience to date.


Male players must be aged 32 or older as at 31/12/23. 

Female players must be aged 29 or order as at 31/12/23. 

The viability of Grandmasters divisions will be determined in conjunction with AFDA and other state associations. UV will enter teams in all viable divisions if there is sufficient interest from eligible players. Any player of eligible age for Grandmasters teams (36+ for women, 39+ for men) who complete this EOI will be automatically considered for selection for those teams should those divisions be viable.


All Victorian representative teams will be attending events held in Beenleigh, QLD, mid year.

The Under 18 squad will compete at the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships, from Friday June 30 to Sunday July 2. Teams will travel up on the Thursday evening, and return on the Sunday evening.

The Under 22 teams will compete at the Australian Under 22 Ultimate Championships, from Friday July 7 to Sunday July 9. The dates and venue are to be announced by AFDA. Players will be expected to make their way to Queensland on or before the Thursday evening, and can arrange to return on the Sunday evening.

The Masters teams will compete at the Australian Masters Ultimate Championships, from Friday June 30 to Sunday July 2. Players will be expected to make their way to Queensland on or before the Thursday evening, and can arrange to return on the Sunday evening.



  • Selectors will be available to attend schools, gala days and club trainings over the coming months to consider eligible players for selection for the U18 squad. If you would like a selector to come to your school or club, please contact us.
  • The first training camp for the U18 squad will be held as a single day event on Sunday April 30th at Duncan McKinnon Reserve in Murrumbeena. UV will fully subsidise this camp so there is no cost for players to attend. There is no obligation to continue with the campaign after taking part in this first camp. Further information will be emailed to all players who complete this EOI.


  • All tournaments held in Victoria between February 1st and April 28th, including both divisions of AUC, are considered selection events for Under 22 teams.
  • A final tryout event for U22 teams will be held on Saturday April 29th at Caulfield Park. Further information will be emailed to all players who complete the expression of interest.


  • All leagues and tournaments held in Victoria between February 1st and April 28th, including both divisions of AUC, are considered selection events.
  • A final selection event for Masters teams will be held on Saturday April 29th at Caulfield Park (time TBC). Further information will be emailed to all players who complete the expression of interest.


All teams will prepare for their respective events via training camps

May Training Camp – Saturday May 20th (Caulfield Park) and Sunday May 21st (Duncan McKinnon Reserve)
June Training Camp – Saturday June 10th (Caulfield Park) and Sunday June 11th (Duncan McKinnon Reserve)

Note that the Greater Bilbies (Mixed Country/Tasmania) will only be attending the May camp. Billeting will be arranged for players from outside Melbourne.


Expressions of interest will remain open until Friday April 28th, 2023


Under 18 Mixed

Head Coach – Jasper Pentland

Jasper returns to the UV State Rep Team program after a break, having served as a coach of the Under 22 women’s team from 2018 to 2021. He was also previously a coach of the Under 18 boys team. Jasper is excited to assist in the development of the next generation of ultimate stars.

Assistant Coach – Angeline Gonzales

Ange returns to the Under 18 campaign in 2023 after being head coach of the Under 18 girls team in 2022. Ange is eager to build a campaign that creates a supportive mixed youth team that can maximize the potential of all players involved.

Assistant Coach – Jemma Riddoch

Jemma is a former Vic U22 representative who has since gone on to compete at multiple Australian championship events over the last five years. Jemma is looking forward to building positive connections with players and working with the other coaches to bring success, development and an enjoyable experience.

Assistant Coach – Peter Mougos

Peter is also a former Vic U22 representative who is now a leader at his club playing national championship events. After coaching at Deakin University in 2022, Peter is excited to pass on his knowledge, spirit of the game and his passion for the sport to the youth of Victoria.

Under 22 Women’s

Head Coach – Georgia Egan-Griffiths

Georgia has previously been a coach with the Weedy Seadragons in 2018, 2019 and 2021. She is also an accomplished player, representing the Aussie Crocs at the 2022 World Games among a long list of other accolades. She is motivated to support athletes to grow both as people and players.

Assistant Coach – Jess Parkes

Jess has represented Australia at the U24 level, and has played at a national championship level since 2018. Jess understands what being involved in this team can mean to an athlete, and wants to ensure others have similar positive experiences

Assistant Coach – Laura Forbes

Laura is a former U22 representative player, and won a national championship with her club Ellipsis in 2022. After serving as a coach at Monash University in 2022, she is super keen to continue developing coaching skills and to work with and learn from high level coaches

Under 22 Open

Co-Coach – Cat Phillips

Cat is one of the country’s most accomplished players, with multiple world championship appearances and national championships to her name. Cat looks back fondly at the youth representative opportunities she was presented with, and the value of having strong role models that accelerated her development and made her come back to the sport for many years to come.

Co-Coach – Rob Andrews

Rob recently represented Australia at the 2022 World Games, where the team won a silver medal. He has also represented the country at senior men’s level at world championships. Rob believes the co-coach team of himself and Cat presents a strong pairing who have many years of coaching and managing players across all ages, including youth.

Assistant Coach – Luke Bleeser

After representing the Leadbeater’s Possums three times as a player, Luke joins the 2023 campaign as an assistant coach. Luke enjoyed previous campaigns so much and would love to contribute back to the community while gaining valuable coaching skills.

Under 22 Mixed Metro

Head Coach – Elise Bradley

Elise coached the Blue Devils in 2022, leading them to the Spirit of the Game award. After furthering her leadership experience as a team captain at the 2022 World Ultimate Club Championships, Elise would love to see the team wear the gold medal this year, and also help develop athletes further their own self improvement.

Assistant Coach – Nish Mahanty

Nish has been actively involved in coaching roles around the state for over 20 years. He was a coach at the women’s national championship level for 5 years and has also coached Vic U18 teams. Nish likes helping players learn new skills and unlock a potential they didn’t realise they had.

Assistant Coach – Yvette Nguyen

Yvette has competed at the top level of women’s ultimate for several years, and in 2023 took on the challenge of leading a new club (Divine Ultimate). She has previously been an assistant coach of the Victorian Under 22 women’s team. Yvette relishes the opportunity to once again give back to the community, and to bring a unique style of coaching to the Blue Devils!

Under 22 Mixed Country / Tasmania

Head Coach – Kelvin Choo

Kelvin has been a key player for the Geelong Mudlarks in their three national Division 2 championship wins. He also served as an assistant coach for the Greater Bilbies in 2022, and is ready to serve as Head Coach in 2023. Kelvin is looking forward to working with a group of talented players and mentoring them to improve their skills.

Assistant Coach – Amanda Fung

Amanda has been heavily involved in national championship level teams since 2010 as a player and leader, and has competed for Australia at the U23 and at senior levels. Amanda believes that it is vital for the longevity of our sport that senior players pass on their knowledge and experiences to the next generation to ensure it is set up for success in the future. She also believes in the strength of Victorian Ultimate in particular and would love for us to continue our strong run amongst the states!

Under 22 Selectors

Ultimate Victoria has appointed the following selectors, who will assist team coaches in observing eligible players at events and training in the coming weeks, and help to select final teams in April.

  • Miles Castan
  • Peter Mougos
  • Jemma Riddoch
  • Adley Tan
  • Ernest Tay
  • Christina Van
  • Riley Wood