2021 Policy Review & COVID-19 Certification

Recently, Ultimate Victoria conducted a review of several published policies and the board voted to enact a number of changes. Read on to find out more about what changes have been made and what they mean to members.

COVID-19 Certification

With the Victorian government recently flagging that a return to community sport will only be available for those who are fully vaccinated, Ultimate Victoria are introducing a Certification process to centrally manage certificate checks.

What does this mean for UV members?

  • You can have your vaccination or medical exemption status flagged against your membership profile in a “one and done” check, so you can play across all Victorian leagues and clubs who have opted-in in to the process without having to show your certificate every time.

Read more about the new COVID-19 Certification process here

Child Safety Policy

As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and happy experience for children and young people in disc sports, Ultimate Victoria has enacted a Child Safety Policy.

The purpose of the policy is to protect the safety of children and put measures in place to prevent abuse from occurring. It also ensures any allegations are handled and addressed appropriately.

A new Child Safety Practices Induction course will be available on the UV website later this month that will educated coaches and volunteers on providing a safe environment for children and young people. There will also be information published for parents and for children on our website.

What does this mean for UV members?

  • New youth consent forms will be made part of event and program registrations
  • Clubs will have some additional Working With Children Check requirements – clubs can contact us to learn more

Communications Policy

A minor update was made to this policy to align content published about our state representative teams with the new Child Safety Policy.

What does this mean for UV members?

  • No change to current practices.

Representative Teams Policy

Following debriefs with 2021 representative team staff, the State Teams Subcommittee recommended that state championship events be considered for U18 and U22 team selections. With relevant national championships held in July, tryouts need to be held in April almost immediately after the club season finishes at the Australian Ultimate Championships.

With many U22 representatives taking part in the club season, the State Teams Subcommittee saw it fit to allow selectors to consider some tournaments to act as selection events, however at least one tryout event will still need to be held after AUC.

What does this mean for members?

  • For U18 players, the selectors can nominate the UV High School State Championships as a selection event for U18 teams.
  • For U22 players, the selectors can nominate the Victorian Ultimate Championships as a selection event for U22 teams.
  • Campaign selectors will still be required to conduct a “tryout” event to allow players who do not partake in UV HSSC or VUC the opportunity to be selected for a representative team.

Future changes

UV is continually reviewing policies in place on a proactive basis.

All policies can be accessed on our Policies page.

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes we make to policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policy changes, please contact us.