Women’s Learn to Play

Albert Park – 7pm Mondays starting 25/11

Brunswick – 7pm Wednesdays starting 4/12

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport that is like a cross between netball and American football, played with a flying disc. Teams work together to pass the disc around and try and take a catch in the endzone to score a goal. The sport is non-contact and self referred, so players take responsibility for the safety of themselves, their teammates and their opponents.

See our What Is Ultimate page for more.

How does this program work?

This program runs for four weeks and teaches you the basic skills and rules of ultimate. At the end of it, you’ll be ready to get involved in a game, or at least be good at throwing a frisbee! There’s no pressure to get into a full game or a league at the end of it, we just want to share the sport that we love with new people! However if you’re keen to keep going we’ll find you somewhere to play and people to play with over the summer.

I’ve never played before!

That’s ok! This learn to play program teaches you the basic skills of ultimate, and you will play some mini games with other new players. You don’t have to have ever picked up a frisbee before to give it a go. Our coaches all remember when they were new players, so they understand where you’re at right now.

What do I wear and what do I need to bring with me?

Wear footy/soccer boots if you have them, but runners or other flat-soled shoes will be just as good. As for clothing, wear whatever you are comfortable running around in. There are toilets available at the venue if you need to get changed once you arrive.

Bring a water bottle as you will get thirsty playing! Otherwise we have all the equipment you need to play ready to go.

How much does it cost?

The program costs $20 and this will give you three weekly sessions, plus your own frisbee to keep (which you’ll get at your second session).

Do I need to register?

No need to pre-register anywhere, we can handle registration and payment on the night. EFTPOS only please, we’d prefer not to be carrying cash around with us!

We’ll collect some info from you before you start, and also send you a follow up survey when the program is done. This helps us improve the experience for new players in the future. Other than, we won’t bother you further if you don’t want us to.

Where is it?

Albert Park is at Tom O’Halloran Field, next to Hockey Drive. Paid parking is available on Aughtie Drive, Hockey Drive. The nearest tram stop is the Fraser St stop on the #96 tram. When you arrive, look for the white Ultimate Victoria flags.

Brunswick is at Allard Park, on Donald St in Brunswick East. Free parking is available all along Donald St. The nearest tram stop is stop 128 (Mitchell/Holmes St) on the #1 or #6 routes. When you arrive, meet on the steps out the front of the pavilion.

I have another question!

Feel free to ask Simon, our Program Manager (simon@ultimatevictoria.com.au) or message us on Facebook