Girls Love Ultimate (GLU)

What is the Girls Love Ultimate Program?

Girls Love Ultimate (GLU) is a fun Ultimate Frisbee program, provided to girls aged 12-17 years. GLU consists of a 90 minute indoor Ultimate Frisbee session held once per week for eight weeks. The program runs year-round during school terms. All girls involved in the program receive their own frisbee, so that they can also enjoy playing their own games with a frisbee outside of the GLU program.


How is Girls Love Ultimate different to other sports I’ve tried?

Through involvement in the GLU program, girls will learn to approach Ultimate Frisbee and life with great ‘Spirit’. At GLU, girls will learn life skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, self-belief, mutual respect, non violence, integrity, fun and friendship that will benefit them both on and off the field for years to come. GLU is a fantastic way to make friends and have fun. Girls will also love developing the new skills of throwing and catching a frisbee.

They say when a ball dreams, it dreams it’s a frisbee. Come and join Girls Love Ultimate – you’ve never experienced a sport like this before!


Visit the Girls Love Ultimate website to find your nearest location and register