Volunteer of the Month – September 2019

Congratulations Theo Hartman, you are Ultimate Victoria’s Volunteer of the Month!

Theo is the President and life blood of Brunswick Ultimate Disc Society (BUDS). He has devoted countless hours to the club since its inception in 2013. His leadership has led to the uniquely warm and welcoming boutique league that Melbourne’s inner north knows to cherish. BUDS has a development focus, encouraging all members of the ultimate community to continue their development while playing quality ultimate to a pumping soundtrack of everyone’s favourite hits (often skewed to the 80s and 90s).

Theo Hartman is on the left.

Thank you Theo for the huge amount of work you’ve put into creating such a warm and welcoming club.

If you’re interested in playing ultimate with BUDS – you can sign up for 2019 Spring League. It begins on the 18th September. Sign up here.

Do you want to nominate somebody for VOTM? Please email admin AT ultimatevictoria.com with the details, or send us a message us on Facebook!