Volunteer of the Month – March 2023

Congratulations to Jarrod Linder who we’d like to recognise as Volunteer of the Month for March! Jarrod received not one but three nominations from club mates!

In their words, “Jarrod has been a driving force at Albury Wodonga Ultimate since its inception in 2014. Serving on the committee for over 8 years now, he’s had a vital role in keeping the club up and running. He plays a massive part in the recruitment and development of newer players, especially during our Spring League. He recently stepped down from his premiership team to start fresh with a full squad of players who had never played before. It’s safe to say that Jarrod does his fair share of work around the club and then some. It is an absolute pleasure to have such a great club man in our midst.”

And another, “Never have I seen someone so committed to an organisation than Jarrod. He constantly asks other people how everything is going with the league and what he can do to improve it. He has created different resources to make sure everyone’s voices are heard, including creating a Q&A for AWUF where people can submit their questions and/or complaints and then he can give a response. Just last weekend Jarrod took time out of his Saturday to repaint the field lines for our league. I offered to help him and realised what a massive task that is – and he’s had to do it multiple times this season because of the amount of rain we’ve had.”

It is clear that Jarrod is incredibly deserving of this months recognition. Well done Jarrod, we hope that your actions continue to inspire and drive the development of AWUF.