Volunteer of the Month – August 2022

A big congratulations to our August Volunteer of the Month, Elise Bradley! Elise’s passion for the ultimate community makes it difficult to assign any one club to her contributions.

Read on to learn more about Elise’s work

“Since starting at Deakin university in 2018, she’s been an active committee member and a key contributor to the clubs development and success. She has also been a core player in the women’s development at Heads of State Ultimate over the past few seasons. She was also just the Head Coach of the Victorian Metro U22s Mixed Team after numerous U22s campaigns representing Victoria. But, what I think is potentially the biggest attribute to her passion for the sport, would be her hand in helping realise two new players’ dream in starting a Victorian mixed club. Misfits Ultimate has seen exponential growth and now fields four APL teams, with new players being recruited every week.”

“Elise is a hardworking member of the community who always puts herself forward to help however she can, and when she does, she commits 100%, Elise is someone who strives to make frisbee a welcoming environment for everyone and does so in a way that makes people keep wanting to come back!”

Elise, we’re amazed at your efforts across multiple clubs and appreciate your passion and dedication in developing Ultimate across Victoria, keep it up!