Volunteer of the Month – April 2023

Congratulations to Brogan Palmer, Ultimate Victoria’s Volunteer of the Month! It is our delight to be able to recognise Brogan’s amazing efforts at two prominent Victorian clubs, both mixed and split gender.

In the words of her nominee, “Brogan has cultivated an incredible mixed culture at Wyndham that has promoted women’s experiences in mixed, and made great outcomes for players and the team as a whole. She also sits as a board member, where she continues to be a core part of the club.

Within Phoenix, Brogan has continually provided a positive and supportive atmosphere that puts team members first. She is continually advocating for the needs of players on and off of the field. Without her efforts at Wyndham and HoS women, I do believe gender disparities would be more significant.”

Well done Brogan on being such a valued and hard working club mate!