Congratulations Max Halden, you are Ultimate Victoria’s Volunteer of the Month!

Max recently voluntarily held a Pride Cup event for his home club Ellipsis that brought to light challenges historically and presently associated with being apart of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In the words of a teammate, ‘Max made it clear to everyone that pride is truly a celebration, and this event specifically a celebration with the purpose of making the club a safer and inclusive space for all who are involved, and I can guarantee that as a result of this event held by Max, we are all better humans and will continue to develop as better people.The event included strategies that all clubs could benefit from implementing such as being conscious about gendered language and how pronouns are included in forms and broadly throughout the club.Max has also spoken about holding a Victorian wide Pride Cup event later in the year to allow for more clubs in the Victorian area to develop their inclusivity and grow their education around the LGBTQIA+ community. I personally, along with the rest of the Ellipsis community and hopefully the rest of the Victorian Ultimate community look forward to this celebration and education opportunity.’

To read more about Pride Cup, check out Max’s article on InsideOut Ultimate