Volunteer of the Month – November 2019

Congratulations Kylie Thach, you are Ultimate Victoria’s Volunteer of the Month!

Kylie is the Vice President of the RMIT Ultimate Frisbee committee. She’s done incredible work in this role both on and off the field. This year, Kylie has been managing grants, organising social events, coordinating the RMIT Albert Park League teams, running training sessions, booking fields and liaising with other universities. On top of this, she picked up the role of Treasurer in the second half of this year. She’s going to be on the executive committee again in 2020.

Kylie has been keenly involved in organising the RMIT teams for University Mixed Ultimate Championships and University Nationals. Even though she couldn’t play much due to an injury, she was always present at trainings and ran fundraisers for her University Nationals team. We’ll be seeing Kylie on the field soon at the 2019 U22 Ultimate Championships! She’s earned herself a spot on the U22 Blue Devils team.

Thank you, Kylie, for the exceptional work you do for your University club!

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