The Ultimate Victoria Appointment Panel and Board are pleased to announce the Coaches for the Victorian U22 representative teams, the Blue Devils (Mixed), the Weedy Seadragons (Women), and the Leadbeater Possums (Men) who will lead our Victorian teams at the Australian U22 Ultimate Championships in 2017.

Congratulations to the Victorian U22 Coaches and Managers for the 2017 Campaign!

Blue Devils (Mixed)

Co-Coaches: Simon Talbot and Ella Broughton-Cunningham
Team Manager: Katie Lock

(Ella Broughton-Cunningham, Simon Talbot, Katie Lock)

For the U22 Victorian Mixed Team, Simon will bring many years’ experience from different coaching roles. This includes coaching Melbourne Juggernaut to their first national championship win in 2015, the Monash University open team at AUG in 2015, Heads of State’s first women’s team (Melbourne Phoenix) at Women’s Division II Nationals in 2016, Melbourne Empire at AMUC in 2016, and has since coached Heads of State’s second women’s team (Melbourne Inferno) at their first Division II Nationals.
As a Co-Coach for the U22 Mixed team, Ella brings with her extensive experience in coaching various sports. With a great understanding of teaching theories and principles, combined with championing gender equity on the sporting field, Ella will bring a unique and dynamic skill set to the campaign.

Katie, as Team Manager for the U22 Mixed team, will bring her budgeting, coordination and logistical skills as the current Co-Treasurer for her Ultimate Club, Heads of State, and Operations Committee representative for Melbourne Inferno.

Weedy Seadragons (Women’s)

Head Coach: Maylin Chuah
Assistant Coach: Shelly Slater
Team Manager: TBC

(Maylin Chuah, Shelly Slater)

With over 10 years experience playing women’s Ultimate and a passion to help the next generation grow and develop, Maylin and Shelly are excited to be involved in the U22 Victorian Women’s Team campaign for 2017.

Maylin brings with her extensive playing and coaching experience, including roles as captain and playing coach with various women’s teams in Brisbane such as Sultry and Black Betty, and Melbourne teams such as STBAU and Bauhaus. Shelly brings with her experience as a co-coach for the second team with STBAU, Squadron, and also has numerous elite playing experiences including in many Australian National events, a World Ultimate Club Championship with STBAU and a World Ultimate Guts Championship with the Australian Flying Foxes Women’s Masters team.

With closely aligned values when it comes to ultimate; those of fun, hard work, trust and discipline, the history and connection that Maylin and Shelly have working together is envisioned to be valuable to the team.

Leadbeater Possums (Men’s)

Co-Coaches: Chloe McDonald and Laclan McDonald
Team Manager: Emilya Toney

(Chloe McDonald, Lachlan McDonald, Emilya Toney)

Fresh off leading the U18 Bandicoots to victory during the Youth Nationals early last month, Lachlan will be teaming up again with his sister Chloe to co-coach the U22 Men’s team in 2017. While being the first coaches to lead the Victorian U22 Leadbeater Possums in 2016, Lachlan and Chloe also have previously worked in leadership roles together with the Ballarat University Ultimate Frisbee club and Hippo Mixed Ultimate. With extensive experience in coaching and playing elite Ultimate, these two will aim to bring together a group of driven and like-minded athletes to represent Victoria with pride within a competitive, challenging and supportive environment.

Emilya, also involved in this campaign in 2016 as Team Manager, brings with her valuable experience in similar roles with Ballarat University Ultimate Frisbee and Federation University Ultimate team for Southern University Games and Australian University Games. These three will look towards taking the Leadbeater Possums further in 2017.

Ultimate Victoria wishes all of our coaches and managers an enjoyable and fulfilling time building their teams. We would like to also thank everyone for showing interest in applying for these roles, and a special thank you to the UV Appointment Panel in Mel Gangemi, Tom Rogacki and Lee Baker.