Update your details!

Membership to Ultimate Victoria is managed via your Ultimate Central profile. Only those with a home address and postcode listed in Victoria are considered members, even if you have been regularly playing in the state for a while!

Ultimate Victoria members should check their Ultimate Central profile and ensure their email address, mobile phone number and residential address are all up to date.

Read on for instructions on how to update your contact details on Ultimate Central.

Step 1: Go to afda.com

All Australian players have their Ultimate Central account linked to AFDA to verify their AFDA membership, so this is the easiest starting point.

Step 2: Sign In at the top right

PC or laptop view
Mobile view

Your email address will be the one where you receive any emails about leagues or tournaments. If you are not certain, enter your preferred email address, and choose the “I’m new or not sure” option.

If you need to, follow the instructions on resetting your password (choose the “Yes, but I forgot my password” option)

Step 3: Go to your profile

Once you are signed in, the Sign In button will be replaced with your name or an avatar icon or both, depending on what device you are using. Mouse over the icon and choose Account.

PC or laptop view
Mobile view

Step 4: Choose “Personal Information” from the Account options

This is located on the left of screen below the first group of icons on your PC or laptop, or under “Profile Menu” (bottom of the screen) on mobile.

PC or laptop view
Mobile view

Step 5: Update your membership information

On this page, please go through the details and ensure at a minimum that the following are up to date

  • Email address
  • Birthdate
  • Address, including City (Suburb), State and Postcode
  • Primary contact phone number
  • Emergency Contact

All other information on this page is optional.

Once you are done, click Update Account at the very bottom of the page.