Seeking more coaches for school programs

Over 13,000 primary school students have enjoyed playing frisbee games through the Ulti-Mates program since it’s inception, and now secondary schools can also introduce ultimate through Sporting Schools.

With over 60 schools state-wide expressing interest in our programs for Term 4, UV are now seeking interested individuals to help us deliver programs in primary and secondary schools across the state in the coming months.

Ultimate Australia’s Fly program uses a game-based approach to introduce Year 7 and 8 students to the fun and emerging team sport of Ultimate Frisbee. Students will enjoy developing their leadership and conflict resolution skills as they implement self-refereeing and spirit of the game into their game play.

This is a paid role, with regular casual work. Coaches can earn $50 per session, with travel allowances available for out-of-town coaching.

You don’t have to know all the technical aspects of Ultimate Frisbee to be a great school coach. What’s important is that you are professional in your conduct, can engage well with kids and that you are passionate about Ultimate Frisbee.

School coaching is one of the best ways to grow the sport. It’s an excellent way to further develop your own skills and understanding of the game. It’s also a great way to ‘give back’ to the sport we love.

Coaches are provided with a kitbag and Ulti-Mates or Fly coach manual. The manual includes activities, games, lessons, skill descriptions, delivery tips and suggested modifications to support the successful delivery of the programs.

To be registered as an Ulti-Mates and Fly coach, you need to do the following (no cost to UV members)

  • Have a valid volunteer Working With Children Check (apply here)
  • Complete UV’s online Instructor Induction (available here)
  • Complete AFDA’s Level 1 Coaching certification online (available here)

Once you have completed all three, we will be in contact with any opportunities at schools in your area.

Members who have already completed the UV Instructor Induction and AFDA’s Level 1 certification are already eligible to be a Sporting Schools coach, and can express their interest in the program by contacting us.


If you are a teacher who is interested in booking an Ulti-Mates or Fly program for your school, click here.