Regional Women’s team – Southern Stars

The Southern Stars program, which brought together women from regional and interstate clubs without a full team of their own, competed at the Victorian Ultimate Championships and Australian Division II Ultimate Championships in 2023. The program returns in 2024 and is welcoming all players and clubs who want to be involved.

UV recognises the difficulties faced by women in areas outside of Melbourne in playing single-gender ultimate, particularly in growing communities. It is also an almost insurmountable challenge in gathering a full team to compete at tournaments, with volunteers sometimes putting in weeks of effort without a tangible result and missing out on playing.

To address these challenges UV put together the Southern Stars, acting as a representative team for teams, clubs and centres without adequate numbers for a stand-alone team.

Women from Albury-Wodonga, Ballarat, Geelong, Horsham, Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide and Wangaratta found their way to the program in 2023, with over 30 women in total playing for a Southern Stars team during the single gender season.

The program is currently seeking interest from teams, clubs and individual players to join up to compete at the 2023 Victorian Ultimate Championships and the 2023 Australian Division II Ultimate Championships.

The Southern Stars is not just for experienced ultimate players. If you have only ever played socially or casually then you are welcome to the team. Of the players who were part of the program in 2023, over three-quarters had never played women’s ultimate or a tournament before.

UV takes care of all administrative requirements – registrations, accommodation booking, uniforms – meaning players can simply turn up to play, and pay either a single invoice or instalments throughout the season. UV also sources coaching for the group to provide material and support for small group practices, and on-the-day coaching at tournaments.

Filling out an EOI does not commit you to play, it just allows us to let you know about the team’s activities. From there you can decide if or when to join.