President and Treasurer’s Report – AGM 2019

The board of Ultimate Victoria would like to share the President and Treasurer’s Report from our 2019 AGM held on the 10th October. In 2019, our President was Jess Chadderton and our Treasurer was David Semini.

President’s Report

With respect we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet here today, the Boon Wurrung people, paying respect to their Elders past and present and emerging.

Development Overview

Ultimate Victoria continues to grow and has had significant achievements as an organisation in the past financial year. The board are working to improve our governance processes, we’ve developed a new Strategic plan for 2019-2022 and in the next year we will be working more closely with the AFDA to align our goals for Ultimate in Australia and streamline workloads to make volunteering in a governance capacity less time consuming and more effective.

Ultimate continues to thrive in partnership with VicHealth through the Active Women and Girls for Health and Wellbeing Program. Ultimate Victoria and AFDA acquired major grant funding with VicHealth in 2017 and this lead to the creation of Girls Love Ultimate Program or GLU which is headed by Simon Talbot – thank you to Simon for continuing to develop this program, try new approaches and support the board in various ways.

Girls Love Ultimate

With the support of our funding partner VicHealth, Girls Love Ultimate (GLU) has grown into one of our key strategic offerings for new players. Designed for 12-17 year old girls, the program has continued to provide opportunities for girls, particularly in outer suburban and rural areas where there’s less choice in social sport, to get involved in physical activity through our sport. In 2018-2019 the program ran in Albert Park, Ballarat, Bannockburn, Colac, Dandenong, Frankston, Wangaratta, Warrnambool and Werribee

Other key achievements include

* Development and refinement of program content

* Coach recruitment and training

* Network of partnerships built for promotion – secondary schools, community health groups, regional youth groups, and many more

* Development of targeted social media strategy

* Increasing the number of women in coaching roles across the state

The VicFlick Youth Ultimate Frisbee program continued to run in two locations in the past twelve months; Chilly/Bauhaus at Albert Park (previously Docklands) and Eastern Ultimate at Elgar Park, Box Hill. Many thanks to Kelli Browne, Tom Rogacki, Jacqui Allen, Mat Chambers, Chris Khoo, Jeff Allen, Jinwei Tang, and the many parents and volunteers involved across both programs for your continued hard work.


Ultimate Victoria continued to stay engaged within the school setting in the previous 12 months with delivery of Ultimate sessions in schools, support & delivery of local school gala days, and training of & recruitment of new volunteer coaches. The UV High School Ultimate Championships saw another increase in participation in 2019, with a 20% increase in overall participation (students & number of teams). The day also saw a high level of volunteer support from the community to help on the day. Ultimate Victoria would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to help run the day and for the continued support with school engagement in Victoria from coaches, volunteers and clubs.

A big development in 2019 saw Ultimate Victoria being officially recognised by School Sport Victoria, recently signing a partnership agreement for 2019 – 2020.  

Human Resources

This year we welcomed Doug Buckser, and Ollie Forster to the board – both significant contributors to the Ultimate community through events such as VUL and Melbourne Hat. Their expertise is greatly appreciated.

I would personally like to thank Adelaide Dennis, our Admin officer, for keeping us up to date with new grants, governance recommendations and opportunities for UV to get involved in. Your work really does enable UV to be a more sustainable organisation. And to the other Board members – Kelli and David thank you for your continuing and excellent work for UV and our community.

With the support of VicHealth and AFDA, Ultimate Victoria is lucky to have Simon Talbot working in the role of Program Manager for Girls Love Ultimate continuing into the 2019/2020 financial year.

Simon has been a highly valuable addition to the Ultimate Victoria team with plenty of experience to offer and we’re looking forward to continuing work with him.

Ultimate Victoria would also like to acknowledge the hard work Raphael Buelens, Sam Waugh and Khanh Nguyen in continuing to support the running of Albert Park League on Monday Nights and Jinwei Tan for Wednesday nights.


The main event in the School Ultimate Frisbee calendar, the UV High School Ultimate Championships, was again run in 2019 with great success.

The event continues to grow year to year as we saw another increase in teams participating, featuring 29 teams from 14 schools across Melbourne, Bacchus Marsh, Geelong and Ballarat to play in the day-long Ultimate Frisbee tournament. A special shout out goes to new schools Overnewton College and Preshil for competing for the first time in 2019.

Teams displayed a great show of skill, determination, fun, collaboration and Spirit of the Game throughout the day from start to finish. Featuring multiple pool play games across the girls and boys divisions, the top teams from each pool competed for the championship in a closely fought out finals play off in both divisions. Ultimate Victoria would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to help run day.  

State teams

Victoria had full representation again at the 2018 Australian U22 Ultimate Championships in WA. UV sent State Teams in all divisions to compete at the event. Results for Victoria included:


1st place – Mixed team ‘The Blue Devils’
1st place – Women’s team ‘The Weedy Seadragons’
2nd place – Men’s team ‘The Leadbeater Possums’


4th place – The mixed team
3rd place – The Weedy Seadragons
4th place – The Leadbeater Possums

Victoria was also again represented at the 2019 Australian Youth Ultimate Championships in Queensland in both the Women’s and Men’s divisions. Results for Victoria included:


3rd place – Men’s team ‘Bandicoots’
3rd place – Women’s team ‘Blaze’


2nd place – Men’s team ‘Bandicoots’
3rd place – Women’s team ‘Blaze’

A big thank you to all the coaches, managers and other volunteers for the time, effort and heart that they’ve put into the campaign. These campaigns wouldn’t run without you. Thanks to the following individuals:

Chloe McDonald, Lachlan McDonald, Joshua Pereira, Cameron Lyon, Simon Talbot, Steph Sephar, Katelyn Lusted, Nick Ng, Caroline Ma, Georgia Egan-Griffiths, Jasper Pentland, Miki Boneh, Nish Mahanty, Mabel Eldred, Elizabeth Chen, Tipman Wong, James Walker and Sean Gottshling.

The Victorian Mixed Ultimate Championships was successfully held at Morwell in conjunction with the LaTrobe City Council in August this year with 180 participants. Many thanks to Brandi Huang for her work as Tournament Director and Simon Talbot for supporting her.

Final results were 1st place – OG Squiddos, 2nd place – My Caroma, 3rd place – Sunflowers. Spirit 1st place – the Sunflowers, 2nd place – My Caroma, 3rd place – Little Rascals.

The Victorian Ultimate League and Victorian Ultimate League – Mixed have continued to run in the months from November to February, and June to August respectively to provide opportunities for developing players around Victoria. The Victorian Ultimate League 2018/2019 saw 14 teams and Mixed League saw 10 teams compete across 3 game days across Keyesborough, Albert Park and Geelong. Thank you to Doug Buckser and Jacob Loughann for their efforts as Tournament Directors for the two VUL leagues.


Many thanks to David Semini for his continued hard work as Bookkeeper and Treasurer. and Adelaide as admin officer for assisting David with maintaining our accounts.

UV achieved an Operating Profit of $29753 and a Net profit of $11,311, for the 18/19 Financial Year.

The main sources of Operating Income were 

  • Albert Park League
  • Victorian Ultimate League
  • Melbourne Hat 2019

David our treasurer will give us more details on the incoming and outgoing expenses in his report.

Treasurer’s Report

Financially Ultimate Victoria considering the group overall has performed well in the 2018/2019 Financial Year; however a breakdown excluding GLU and State Campaign Programs shows a decrease in profitability.  $183,866 was held in bank accounts as at 30th June. An increase of $39485 on the previous year. Interest of $498 was earned on the accounts a decrease of $166 on the previous year.

The organizations main source of Revenue is from Events, Grants and Sponsorship. I take this opportunity to recognize the provision of a Grant provided by the Department of Health. The Grant is the highest source of revenue provided to Ultimate Victoria outside of Operational Income.

The accounts of UV do not carry any physical assets such as buildings or Motor Vehicles.   Equity in the organization is represented by the Current Year Earning i.e. the Profit / Loss from Operational Activities and Other Income

UV has no long term Liabilities e.g. Loans.

Current Liabilities – GST owing to ATO is accumulated over quarter and paid in full first month of next quarter

UV achieved an Operating Profit of $29753 and a Net profit of $11,311, for the 18/19 Financial Year.

The main sources of Operating Income were

  • Albert Park League
  • Victorian Ultimate League
  • Melbourne Hat 2019

The cost of sales was for the Purchase of Discs


Income and Expenditure – As shown in the attachment App 1“Fin Yr. 18-19” Summary income and Expenditure is now displayed in line with the revised Chart of Accounts.

Income Total was $459, 173 making up this total are:

League Fees / Tournament Fees / Program Fees / Other / Representative Fees / Coaching plus External Funding – Sponsorship and Grants

Expenditure was $422,508 making up this total are:

General / League / Other / Event / Program / Representative / Coaching / External Funding and Payroll

Expenses accounted for 92% of Income

Note: Re Operating/Net Profit:

As mentioned above the Operating and Net Profit is not as favorable when excluding GLU and SC.

Operating Profit reduces from $29,753 to -$4,849

Net Profit from $11,311 to -$10,807

Major Factor is Income reduces from $459,000 to $252,000. Primarily due to GLU major source of Income being the Grant from the DHHS.

This comparison identifies the challenge we have going forward to achieve favorable Operating and Net Profit results from purely UV operations

Other Key Points


During the year UV Collected $31,720.00 in GST and Paid $22,998.00 in GST

PAYG = $23659

This resulted in a Net payment to the Australian Taxation Office of $32.381.00.

Notable Main Events Profitability

Albert Park league

Income                $82661.59

Less Expenses    $60056.46

Profit                   $22605.13

Victorian Ultimate League

Income                 $38750.02

Less Expenses      $29981.47

Profit                    $8768.55


Melbourne Hat 2019

Income              $23290.92

Less Expenses   $21359.42

Profit                  $1931.50

Victorian Mixed Ultimate Championship

Income                 $6414.02

Less Expenses      $7623.37

Loss                      $-1209.35

Southern Regional Championship

Income                  $24577.26   
Less Expenses      $6220.91 Profit                     $18356.35

In closing Note that as per the Profit & Loss Statement Summary – Appendix 1,2,3,4 page 1 Ultimate Victoria’s Cash Flow was positive throughout the financial year resulting in the organizations ability to pay its creditors on time and meet its goal of providing high value events in the growing sport of Ultimate.

Looking forward to the 19/20 Financial Year the Boards challenge is to work toward a favorable result for solely UV Operations.

 I would to thank my fellow Board Members for their diligence and commitment to ensuring Ultimate Victoria healthy financial position. I also take the opportunity to thank Ultimate Victoria staff Adelaide, Jack and Simon for their ongoing support.


This document is to be read in conjunction with Ultimate Victoria Financial Summary as at 30th June 2019 – Appendix 1 pages 1,2,3,4