Game Support role training opportunities available

Self-officiation is a key element of Ultimate, and Game Advisors and Line Assistants can be a useful tool to assist players to self-officiate as best as possible, and to help better present the game for spectators.

Read more to learn how you can become involved in a Game Support role at the upcoming Australian Ultimate Championships.

Like any volunteer position involved with tournaments (eg. coaches, team managers and tournament volunteers) being on the Game Support team provides you opportunity to participate at events where you cannot (or choose not to) play. You really are part of the event team, you get taken care of with lunches and a thank you gift. Some of the costs of being involved, such as accommodation.

If you still play regularly, becoming a Game Advisor can also make you a better player. It improves your understanding of the rules and how to properly apply them. GAs are trained to pay attention to details, so when calls are made you can give additional information to the players involved. GAs facilitate discussions between players during disputes, as a player you will be better able to deal with disputes arising from calls that you make (or that are made against you) with good Spirit.

Experienced Game Advisors participate at WFDF tournaments all over the world. Training to be a GA gives you an opportunity to volunteer as a tournament official at these events, including the World Ultimate Championships event on the Gold Coast in September

Ultimate Australia is providing free training for UV members to become Line Assistants and Game Advisors during upcoming Australian Ultimate Championships events

  • AUC Division II – Shepparton, April 12 to 14
  • AUC Division I – Ballarat, April 19 to 22

To express interest in a role, please fill out this form. Expressing interest is not a commitment to attend – it simply allows AFDA to contact you with more information.