Breakthrough – new women’s coaching program

Ultimate Victoria, in partnership with Flik Ultimate, is proud to launch Breakthrough, a new program supporting women in entering coaching and leadership roles in the sport throughout the state. Women enrolling in the program will receive subsidised coach accreditation training, kitbags, online resources, and ongoing mentoring and support as they embark on leadership roles.

Despite the proliferation of women’s teams in community sport in recent years, there is still a heavy reliance on men to act as club leaders, coaches and mentors. Often this leads to women feeling they need to fit in with existing cultures and practices at sporting clubs rather than being able to determine their own journey. Increasing the number of women in prominent leadership roles within clubs, or women establishing their own clubs, will encourage more women who may not feel that they fit in with existing clubs to play ultimate regularly.

One of UV’s strategic aims is to increase the number of women in leadership roles at clubs, league and participation centres as we believe this will assist with the retention of women in the sport as both players and volunteers.

Breakthrough is for women who have thought about any kind of coaching or leadership role in ultimate in the coming years…

  • Moving into a coaching role at their club as they wind down playing commitments
  • Aspiring to be a leader at their club in future seasons
  • Becoming a more prominent voice on their league team
  • Helping and mentoring newer players at pickup games
  • Using ultimate to gain experience in leadership and self-advocacy skills that can be translated into the workplace
  • No longer play regularly but want to re-establish a connection with the sport

Women who enrol in Breakthrough will receive the following resources and support from the program throughout 2024…

  • Subsidised AFDA Community Coach (Level 1) and AFDA Development Coach (Level 2) accreditation. Both of these courses prepare you to be a coach – communication, group management, session programming, and many other skills.
  • A free coach kitbag – with discs, cones and a whiteboard.
  • 12 months free access to Flik Ultimate, the largest online repository for coaching materials – drills, session plans, video analysis – put together by some of the world’s leading ultimate coaches.
  • Placement opportunities to build coaching experience and work alongside experienced coaches.
  • Ongoing catch-ups and support from experienced coaches.

Filling out an EOI does not commit you to being involved – it just allows us to contact you with further information. From there you can decide if or when to join.

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Get the latest drills, analysis and advice from the world’s best players and coaches, and create your own session plans.

Breakthrough is made possible through support from the Change Our Game Community Activation Grants program