Applications open for UV subcommittees

Ultimate Victoria recently conducted a review of it’s volunteer positions, with a view to restructuring roles into subcommittees with varying degrees of contribution to the organisation’s decision making. Terms of reference documents have been prepared for each subcommittee and we are now inviting applications from members to join.

Each subcommittee will receive administrative support from Ultimate Victoria staff, and strategic guidance and oversight from UV board members. Subcommittees are expected to actively contribute to plans and decisions made by UV, but are not expected to carry out the delivery of said plans unless explicitly outlined in the terms of reference.

The subcommittees with available roles are as follows:


The Inclusive Practices subcommittee will set UV’s diversity and inclusion agenda. Key objectives include

  • Developing and implementing UV’s diversity and inclusion framework and action plans and ensuring alignment with the organisation’s broader strategy.
  • Monitoring UV’s performance on a range of diversity and inclusion measures with a focus on measures related to priority areas.
  • Acting as a reference group to make recommendations on relevant initiatives, policies and procedures.
  • Providing advice when reporting to government agencies, and for submissions for external funding.
  • Commissioning reports on diversity, inclusion, access and equity in ultimate with a specific focus on priority areas.

The subcommittee meets a minimum of four times per year, with the timing and frequency of meetings to be decided by its appointed members.

Inclusive Practices Subcommittee Terms of Reference


The State Teams subcommittee will oversee State Team selection processes and programs, including the appointment of key personnel to teams that compete at AFDA age-group national events. Key objectives include

  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating plans, pathways, policies, guidelines and protocols to create efficiencies and ensure continuous improvement for Representative Ultimate in Victoria, particularly regarding the Victorian State Team program
  • Conducting initial planning for State Team campaigns, as necessary, prior to appointment of key personnel
  • Ensure timelines outlined in the State Teams Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to each year
  • Ensure adherence to the State Teams Policy by all staff, players and volunteers involved with campaigns

The subcommittee meets a minimum of three times per year, with the timing and frequency to be determined by the scheduling of AFDA age-group national championship events.

State Teams Subcommittee Terms of Reference


The Events Subcommittee has been operating for a number of years and is welcoming applications for new members. This subcommittee oversees the planning, management and evaluation of any events owned or managed by Ultimate Victoria. Key objectives include

  • Ensuring all events are safe and positive experiences for all involved
  • Ensuring event outcomes broadly contribute to Ultimate Victoria’s Strategic Plan and are in line with the general policies.
  • Ensuring standards of planning, management and reporting recommended by Ultimate Victoria and AFDA are consistently applied across all events
  • Carries out the implementation of events as outlined in Ultimate Victoria’s Events Plan

The subcommittee meets every two months at dates and times decided by its appointed members.

Events Subcommittee Terms of Reference


The Albert Park League Committee is responsible for overseeing Monday night competition at Albert Park. Key objectives include

  • Ensuring there are at least forty (40) weeks of play per calendar year
  • Ensuring all fields are used at full capacity
  • Offering only mixed gender competition, with a 4:3 gender split mandated by League rules
  • Determine the format, player eligibility criteria and season calendar for Monday APL

The subcommittee meets twice per APL season at dates and times decided by its appointed members.

Albert Park League Committee Terms of Reference

To apply for a position on one or multiple subcommittees, please fill out this form. Applications close on Sunday December 20th.

If you have any questions or want to discuss these opportunities further, please contact us.