2022 UV State Rep Teams Announcement

Six teams of talented athletes have been selected to represent Victoria in 2022. They will be competing at the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships, and Australian Under 22 Ultimate Championships in Ballarat in July. Read on to learn who is on each squad!

Congratulations to each of the following for earning their “Big V” jersey!

Victoria Blaze (Under 18 Girls)

Aaditri Bhan (MacRobertson Girls’ High School)
Charlotte Buckingham (Monash Ultimate)
Keya Desai (John Monash Science School)
Bree Lane (Kingswood College)
Danae Lewis-Shell
Sarah MacDonald (John Monash Science School)
Ankita Mahanty
Swagta Malhotra
Dulanitha Mendis
Lily Nguyen
Hedy Shi
Isabella Slabbert (Albury Wodonga Ultimate Frisbee)
Shiqi Wu (Chilly Ultimate)
Alice Zhang (Eastern Ultimate)

Coaches: Lucy Deller, Angeline Gonzales & Zoe O’Connor
Manager: Simone Bituin

Victoria Bandicoots (U18 Boys)

Wesley Allen (Eastern Ultimate)
Nathan Boland (Eastern Ultimate)
Bo Browne
Ryder Browne
Lincoln Farquhar (Brunswick Ultimate)
Benjamin Fitzsimmons (Heads of State)
Ryan Huang (Melbourne High School)
Vaibhav Kannan
Golden Luu (Melbourne High School)
Max Napolitano (Heads of State)
Zac Philip
Anthony Qi (Melbourne High School)
Fionn Somers (Ballarat Ultimate)
Ethan Taifer (Chilly Ultimate)

Coach: Nish Mahanty
Assistant Coach: Kelli Browne
Manager: Jordan Halaseh

Victoria Weedy Seadragons (U22 Women)

Hannah Bradley (Ellipsis Ultimate)
Madeleine Buckingham (Chilly Ultimate)
Kathryn Buckser (Chilly Ultimate)
Julia Cabai (Chilly Ultimate)
Venetia Chan (Chilly Ultimate)
Wan Lin Chin (Monash Ultimate)
Julie Chong (Ellipsis Ultimate)
Annabelle Davey (Chilly Ultimate)
Meg Graham (Ballarat Ultimate)
Ellen Ho (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Chinatsu Hoshi (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Kassandra Mathison (Brunswick Ultimate)
Hannah Phillips (Chilly Ultimate)
Pania Preston (Ellipsis Ultimate)
Alysha Roberts (Heads of State)
Kala Rosebirch RMIT (Ultimate Frisbee)
Riona White (Chilly Ultimate)

Coach: Simar Dhaliwal
Assistant Coaches: Yvette Nguyen & Ashley O’Sullivan
Manager: Christina Van

Victoria Leadbeater’s Possums (U22 Open)

Luke Bleeser (RMIT Ultimate Frisbee)
Matthew Brown (Heads of State)
Theo Burnside (Misfits)
Kelvin Du (Heads of State)
Leo Dykes (Heads of State)
James French (Chilly Ultimate)
David Hall (RMIT Ultimate Frisbee)
Nicholas Huang (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Izaak Luitjes (Monash Ultimate)
Hamish Menses (Heads of State)
Max Miller (Chilly Ultimate)
Layton Patel (Chilly Ultimate)
Ryan Samuel (Chilly Ultimate)
Tiernan Somers (Ballarat Ultimate)
Kolya Vakhnin (Heads of State)
James Walker (Ellipsis Ultimate)
Riley White (Chilly Ultimate)
Harrison White (Chilly Ultimate)
Angus Wicks (Ellipsis Ultimate)

Coach: Per Henriksen
Assistant Coaches: Jake Wilson & Lochlan Wise
Manager: Christopher Waller

Victoria Metro Blue Devils (U22 Mixed)

Olivia Bradley (Misfits)
Nicola Carra (Chilly Ultimate)
Elizabeth Chen (Chilly Ultimate)
Benson Chiang (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Bryan Chiow (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Ashleigh Fraser (Misfits)
Vanessa Gan (Chilly Ultimate)
Jack Holt (ACU Ultimate)
Kelly Koay (Chilly Ultimate)
Zhi Yi Lee (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Peter Mantzounis (Heads of State)
Noah Midgley (Heads of State)
Lachlan O’Brien (ANU Ultimate)
Harry O’Dea (Deakin Ultimate)
Liam Paterson (Chilly Ultimate)
Gideon Segal (Swinburne Ultimate)
Genevieve Tan (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Emily Williams (Chilly Ultimate)

Coach: Elise Bradley
Assistant Coach: Max Halden
Manager: Lachlan Wardle

Victoria Country & Tasmania Greater Bilbies (U22 Mixed)

Adam Baines (Hobart, Tas)
Axel Blitzman (Misfits)
Bonny Dickie (Misfits)
Callum Dungey (Hobart, Tas)
Bethany Forster (Deakin Ultimate)
Cora Hayes (Chilly Ultimate)
Sulyn Khoo (Monash Ultimate)
Gabrielle Kotanidis (Launceston, Tas)
Ella Kuchel (Deakin Ultimate)
Louis Lai (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Shiloh Leeke (Launceston, Tas)
Ting Jen Lim (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)
Joseph Micheli (Misfits)
Ethan Middleton (Geelong Mudlarks)
Harrison Price (ACU Ultimate)
Jesse Rowlands (Hobart, TAS)
Hannah Sheers (Hobart, TAS)
Charmaine Tan (Monash Ultimate)
Adley Tan (Monash Ultimate)
Junyi Zhang (Melbourne Uni Ultimate)

Coach: Simon Talbot
Assistant Coaches: Kelvin Choo & Kate Hammerton
Manager: Kylie Thach

Thanks to all the selectors and selection assistants who lent their time to helping the coaches putting together these teams

  • Jordan Halaseh (U18 Boys)
  • Tipman Wong (U18 Boys)
  • Christopher Waller (U22 Open)
  • Riley Wood (U22 Open)
  • Emilya McDonald (U22 Mixed)
  • Peter Mougos (U22 Mixed)