2022 Melbourne Hat, Melbourne Tournament and Melbourne Masters wrap-up

The triple-header event took part at Albert Park in Melbourne on December 3rd and 4th, with just over 300 participants across all divisions.

The legacy of the Melbourne Hat continued, with the event running for the 34th consecutive year, making it one of the world’s longest running ultimate tournaments. 65 players took part across four teams.

After meeting each other for the first time that morning before launching into four games in hot weather, Tenacious Three were crowned the winners. Floppy Discs took out the Spirit of the Game award.

Congratulations to all winners and everyone who took part. The Melbourne Hat will be back for the 35th edition in 2023.

34th Melbourne Hat winners – Tenacious Three

On Sunday the first dedicated masters age event in Victoria took place, with 25 players vying for age group titles. In an innovative format, the masters played shorter games on smaller fields, instead relying on their skill and wits accumulated over years on the field! Teams were mixed up every round, with individual win-loss records and goal differences tallied to produce winners.

  • Female Masters (28-34yo) champion – Tania Trisnadi
  • Female Grandmasters (35-43yo) champion – Lana Baard
  • Female Great Grandmasters (44+yo) champion – Jacqui Allen
  • Male Masters (30-37yo) champion – Brendan Walsh
  • Male Grandmasters (38-46yo) champion – Jose Milan
  • Male Great Grandmasters (47+yo) champion – Raphael Buelens

Ultimate Victoria thanks all players for taking part, and looks forward to putting on more events of this format in 2023 and beyond.

Melbourne Masters champions (L-R) – Jacqui Allen, Tania Trisnadi, Lana Baard, Raph Buelens, Jose Milan & Brendan Walsh

Club teams from Victoria and South Australia had their first hitout of the season in the Melbourne Tournament, played across both days. Final standing as follows…

Open Division

  1. HoS Fashion (+ SOTG winners)
  2. Chilly ABC
  3. Chilly 123
  4. Outbreak
  5. HoS Nugget
  6. Geelong Mudlarks
  7. xxdrag0nsl4y3rsxx

Women’s Division

  1. Grit Hit Wonders [Ellipsis 1]
  2. Village Slayers [Ellipsis 2]
  3. Spicy Chilly
  4. Melbourne Phoenix
  5. Zesty Chilly
  6. Divine Ultimate (+ SOTG winners)

Thanks to Chilly Ultimate Club for acting as hosts for the Melbourne Tournament, with special thanks to Peter Mougos as Tournament Director.

Special thanks also goes to long-term event partners Parks Victoria for their ongoing support for our December events.