Calling all Under 22 players for the 2021 Australian Under 22 Ultimate Championships

Ultimate Victoria is now accepting expressions of interest for all athletes eligible to represent the state at Under 22 level (born 1999 or later) in 2021. Read more to find out how to sign up.


Upper limit: To be eligible to play you must be born ON or AFTER 1 January 1999
Lower limit: Victorian U22 teams will only be accepting players who are 15 years and older as at April 1st, 2021.


Victoria will be sending four teams to the Championships in 2021. There will be an Men’s team, a Women’s team, and a Mixed team.

Unfortunately this year there will not be a Mixed Country (Greater Bilbies) team as our regional clubs are still rebuilding after the COVID-19 disruption in 2020. UV will be making plans to help these clubs grow over the next 12 months and re-introduce the Mixed Country team in 2022.


  • Saturday April 17th, 9am to 4pm, at Albert Park, Melbourne (Open, Womens & Mixed)
  • Sunday April 18th, 9am to 4pm, at Albert Park, Melbourne (Open, Womens & Mixed)
  • Saturday May 1st, 9am to 1pm, at Albert Park, Melbourne (Mixed only)


Click here to submit your Expression of Interest and to be kept up to date on selection events


Earlier in the year the Ultimate Victoria board made the decision to re-appoint staff for the cancelled 2020 U22 campaign to their roles for 2021.

Leadbeater Possums (Open) Head Coach: Pat Thorpe
Leadbeater Possums (Open) Assistant Coaches: Bruce Huynh and Joe Thorpe
Leadbeater Possums (Open) Manager: Ellie Cushion

Weedy Seadragons (Women’s) Co-Coaches: Georgia Egan-Griffiths and Jasper Pentland

Blue Devils (Mixed Metro) Co-Coaches: Ciaran Hudson and Katelyn Lusted
Blue Devils (Mixed Metro) Assistant Coach: Tom Bissett
Blue Devils (Mixed Metro) Manager: Michaela Beninca

Greater Bilbies (Mixed Country) Co-Coaches: Nick Ng & Deb Lorca
Greater Bilbies (Mixed Country) Co-Coaches: Jemma Riddoch