Who plays Ultimate Frisbee?

It’s a really popular sport for university students, and nationally there are 36,000 people who play Ultimate Frisbee.  Overall, the sport is played by 7 million people worldwide.  Ultimate is a sport for both men and women, girls and boys, and it can be played indoors or in a park.

So there’s a Frisbee to throw around, but what exactly is Ultimate?

It’s a team sport, 7 a side, where the aim is to pass the frisbee to your team mate until you get to the end zone and score a point.  There’s a bit of running up and down the field, and when you catch the Frisbee you can’t move your feet until you pass it again (a bit like netball).  There are different types of passes and styles of Frisbee throws, and your opponent will try to intercept it.  Once you have played the game a few times you’ll build some winning strategies.

Ultimate is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and International Olympic Committee as a sport and they’re thinking of including it in the 2024 and 2028 Olympics.

If I sign up and I’ve never played Ultimate Frisbee before, what will I be doing?

Girls Love Ultimate is played as an indoor version of Ultimate Frisbee. It is played on a smaller space with smaller teams and is sheltered from the wind and rain! GLU teaches you the skills needed to play – catching and throwing – plus some simple tactics to get a game going.

Ultimate Frisbee is self-refereed, meaning it’s up to the players to make the game work! Coaches will show you how this works as you learn how to play.

If there’s no uniform, what should I wear?

Girls wear whatever is comfortable – runners, a t-shirt or singlet, shorts, leggings or tracksuit pants.  You can get pretty warm running around, so maybe think about a layer or two that you can remove as the session goes.

If mum or dad is driving me to the session, is there somewhere they can wait or should they just drop me off?

It depends on the venue. Some venues will have areas they can stay and watch, or the coach can recommend somewhere nearby they can hang out. Some venues can even have the parents join in if they want to try it out themselves! Contact Us to see what the go is for your venue.

What are the benefits of playing Ultimate Frisbee?

First and foremost, you’ll learn new skills and a new sport.  If you like it, maybe you’ll get involved in one of the Ultimate Leagues!  It’s great exercise and good for developing hand-eye coordination and reflexes.  It’s fun, a great way to make new friends, and the Girls Love Ultimate program is ideal for beginners and players of all levels.

Playing sport is a great stress relief, a good way to take a break from school and studying, and helps with good health and fitness.

Girls Love Ultimate is a program we’ve created specifically for girls aged 12-17, the perfect introduction to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.  There are no stressful try outs or tests, all girls are welcome.

So I’ve decided I want to give it a go – what do I need to do?

You can register here and choose to come along for a single session ($10) or sign up for 4 sessions ($35 with a free Frisbee).  If it’s easier, just turn up at a Girls Love Ultimate session and you can register and pay on the spot (please note we can only accept EFTPOS payments, no cash).  If you’ve got any questions, you can Contact Us.

How much is it to join?

There is no membership fee to pay before you start playing – just the weekly session fee.

What if I’ve paid for 4 sessions but I miss one?

That’s fine! Think of it like prepaid credit – you have four sessions to use as you wish!

If the program ends or goes on break before you have been to four sessions, Contact Us to work something out.


How old are the other participants?

The program is for girls aged 12-17 years old, however some venues allow girls a little either side of that age bracket to take part.

Is there a responsible adult in charge?

Yes. Each session is run by a trained, experienced coach.

Can parents stay and watch?

Most venues will have an area where you can stay and watch the session. Some coaches may even allow you to join in if you want to try it out yourself! Contact Us if you have specific questions about your venue.

What child safety precautions are in place?

GLU adheres to Ultimate Victoria’s and Australian Flying Disc Association’s safe play policies, which can be viewed here. All coaches and volunteers possess Working With Children Checks and abide by the AFDA’s Member Protection Policy. The Ultimate Victoria board and management are currently working on a Child Safety Policy to encompass all elements of existing policy and practice into a single document – we will make this available once it is completed.

Most venues have staff with first aid qualifications that support our coaches. For venues without staff, our coaches are required to hold updated first aid qualifications.

How much is it?

There is no initial membership or registration fee – just a per session price of $10, or you can pre-pay for four sessions for $35 which comes with a free frisbee for the participant.

Is there a policy on missed sessions?

We understand life gets busy sometimes! If a participant can’t make a session then that’s no problem at all. The program is casual by design and participants can come in and out at any time.

If the program ends or goes on break before all four pre-paid sessions have been attended, Contact Us to work something out.

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