• A range of 5-6 targets, set up around a “course”. For indoor, use whatever objects you can find such as gym mats or benches to create obstacles to throw around/over/under. For outdoor, use the environment around you such as trees or benches.
  • If you have them available, a numbered card or flag for each hole. An alternative is to colour-code each hole using different coloured cones.


  • As in golf, a course with ‘holes’ is established. Players move around the course attempting to reach the target in the least number of throws.


  • Take the players on a tour of the course, demonstrating the objective of each hole/target


  • Play in small groups, starting each group at a different hole.
  • Players throw from a start line (‘tee’) next to each target.
  • The next shot is taken from where their disc comes to rest.
  • Count the number of throws it takes to hit the target.


  • Don’t start play if the previous group is still around the target


  • Coaching: use role models or demonstrations for throwing
  • How to score/win: have each player in a group make their throw, then they pick the “best” throw to all take their next throw from
  • Area: move the start line for each target closer or further
  • Equipment: ask each group of players to design a hole for the next round