Hit The Target


  • Cones or a marked line designating the base line
  • One disc per participant
  • Extra cones or other available objects to use as targets


  • Score points by hitting various targets with a thrown disc


  • Scatter targets out on the court. You can clump multiple cones together to make a bigger target, or leave one solitary cone for a smaller target
  • Allocate points to each target – eg: hitting the cluster of cones that is close is worth 10 points, hitting the solitary cone at the back of the court is worth 100 points


  • Have participants use a disc each and stand behind the base line. Tell them the allocated points for each target
  • On your signal participants throw their frisbee and try to hit the targets


  • Only allow participants to collect their disc once everyone has thrown


  • How to score: have different scores for different types of throws
  • Equipment: use a variety of different sized objects as targets
  • Inclusion: have the winner of the previous round set up the next round