• Eight cones to mark two score boxes (2m x 2m) about 30m apart
  • Extra cones to mark a line across the middle of the area, 15m from each score box
  • Two teams of equal numbers
  • 2-3 discs


  • Score by getting a frisbee to rest on the ground within the scorebox in your opponent’s territory.


  • Each team is assigned one territory and scorebox to defend (like capture the flag)


  • Players can move wherever they want, and multiple discs are involved, so there will be a lot happening!
  • Players can run with a frisbee, or pass it to their teammates
  • If you are tagged with a frisbee while you are in the opposition’s territory, you must drop the frisbee. You cannot be tagged while you are in your own territory


  • Defenders cannot stand inside the scorebox they are defending


  • Coaching style: visual demonstrations are an easy way to explain this game
  • How to score: for indoor courts, it may be easier to have a goal/gate instead of a scorebox because a frisbee quickly slides along a wooden floor and is unlikely to stay in a small marked area
  • Game rules: an easier variant is a tagged play must stop and throw to a teammate instead of simply dropping the frisbee
  • Equipment: start the game with one frisbee and add more as the players become familiar with the game