Run The Circle


  • Two discs for every group of 6-8 players


  • Pass the discs around the circle, trying to overtake the disc in front


  • Set up circles of 6-8 players, with the space between each player suiting their ability and confidence to throw and catch


  • Cooperative passing. The discs are thrown from player to player around the circle
  • Call “change” to change the direction the discs are passed
  • A variation is to have a player run around the outside to “beat” the disc back to their spot



  • Area: bigger or smaller circle
  • Game rules: Vary the pass – an easy version starts with the players close to one another and passing the disc, hand to hand. Use different levels (eg: knees, shoulder or above the head).
  • Game rules: add another movement to be done before or after each pass.
  • Equipment: Use three discs.
  • Inclusion: A player with less advanced coordination and motor skills can be included by having another player standing close and sending a short throw or simply passing the disc hand to hand.