Planning your session

Each UV session plan runs in the following structure

  • Introduction
  • Warm-Up
  • Skills
  • Activity
  • Extra Skills/Activity
  • Rules Chat
  • Play Ultimate!
  • Finish Up

The time you dedicate to each section will depend on the duration of the session.

You should plan ahead by reading the session plan and writing down how much time you wish to spend on each section.

At least one-third of the total session time should be taken up by playing ultimate.

Extra Skills/Activities should only be used if your session time is one hour or longer.

Here are some suggested breakdowns of time for different session lengths.

Section45 minutes60 minutes75 minutes
Introduction2 min2 min2 min
Warm-Up3 min3 min3 min
Skills5 min5 min10 min
Activity5 min10 min15 min
Extra Skills/Activity10 min15 min
Rules Chat3 min3 min3 min
Play Ultimate!20 min25 min25 min
Finish Up2 min2 min2 min

Be prepared to be flexible – your group might not find some parts engaging, so you can finish them early and add more time to play ultimate.