• Choose a large area, with the home base facing out into the space
  • Set up four markers cones as the bases
  • Two teams of equal numbers – a throwing team and a fielding team


  • Each thrower throws the disc into the field from the batting base, then tries to run around the bases while the fielders return the disc to a base.


  • Show the players the route around the four bases
  • Place a fielder on each base


  • Throwing team – the goal is to run around all three bases to the home plate to score a run. The disc must be thrown into the fair area (i.e. inside the extended boundaries of first and third base).
  • The thrower can stop on a base and wait for the next thrower to throw before running again.
  • Play stops after the disc is fielded and thrown to a base (the player does not have to catch the disc properly).
  • The fielding team can get a thrower out by catching a throw on the full, throwing the disc to a base fielder before the runner gets there, or by tagging the runner with the disc.
  • After each player on the throwing team has thrown, swap teams over.


  • No fielder can stand in front of the pitching plate/marker at the start of each play.
  • Runners should avoid contact with fielders while running the bases.


  • Coaching: Use role models to demonstrate good technique. Follow up with individual coaching to one side if necessary.
  • Inclusion: Allow throwers to have a teammate run on their behalf if they have mobility issues.